Mark Davies leaves BetFair -but the SEO cretins stay.

One month ago, I reported that BetFair silenced their PR chief (Mark Davies) by moving him to regulation affairs and asking him to shut up his voluble gob. Office politics played against him. Too bad.

Well, as Mark Davies can’-t live in the dark (away from the limelights), he has resigned, and started off his own company, Camberton —-so as to do what BetFair was recently forbidding him to do (PR). I wish him good luck, with 2 caveats.

#1. Mark Davies’-s true love is in fact journalism. But it doesn’-t pay, unless you do TV prominently. If Mark had bollocks, he would go into journalism.

#2. Mark Davies is a SEO virgin (“-Camberton”- is of course notably absent from Google), who was taking tips at BetFair from the world’-s crappiest SEOs. Mark Davies will have to learn web marketing. (I am not even sure Mark knows what “-SEO”- stands for.) And there’-s the WordPress factor. Mike Robb got it, but Mark never did.

Leaving BetFair is a good thing —-provided he can learn in the open what he couldn’-t learn while at BetFair: Marketing 2.0.

My 2 minutes (and 4 seconds) of fame – [VIDEO]

Google’-s Matt Cutts answers my SEO question:

On your blog (, why did you switch from to ? Has this to do with how PageRank flows within a site?

How to download Michael Masnicks The Economics Of Abundance

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How to download Michael Masnick’-s The Economics Of Abundance. Scroll down this page.


How to download Michael Masnick’-s short film, “-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE”-:


[*] Here are some other means to download any video to your hard drive:


[**] Video Download Helper:

  • “-HQ 22″- = HD MP4 file
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  • “-HQ 35″- = FLV file

Nota Bene: If you don’-t see “-HQ 22″- or “-HQ 18″- in the scrolling list of “-Video Download Helper”-, don’-t hesitate to reload the YouTube page- it should work the second time. If this fails, then use “-Easy YouTube Video Download”-, instead. If this fails too, use the GreaseMonkey script. If this fails too, then download the FLV file, and convert it into an MP4 file.


- Translation: Download “-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE”- film = Descargar “-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE”- pelicula = Herunterladen “-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE”- film = Telecharger film “-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE”-