What happened to Inkling Markets?

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The Inkling Markets website is not on the first page for the &#8220-prediction markets&#8221- query at Google Search.

It appears on the 3rd page &#8212-where nobody will find them.

By the way, the NewsFutures website has re-made it to the 1st page.

Google Squared is a big piece of crap.

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Try &#8220-prediction markets&#8221- and &#8220-collective forecasting&#8221-.

Gimme Wolfram instead.


[Wolfram] Alpha, while imperfect, is ready to do all sorts of useful things right now. Squared feels more like the initial proof of concept for something that may take years to get right.


Wikipedia-style collective Intelligence didnt kill Google Web Search.

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I blogged about how Wikipedia killed Encarta (the encyclopedia published by MicroSoft).

Today, here&#8217-s a report on the demise of Wikia &#8212-a search engine partially powered by human input (a la Wikipedia), and co-founded by Jimmy Wales. The Wired article lists all the search engine startups (Snap, PowerSet, Cuil, etc.) that miserably failed to dent into Google&#8217-s de facto monopoly.

Do give the Nobel prize to Yahoo! research scientist David Pennock. – Santo Subito! [*]

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He and his co-authors were the first to publish about the fact that flu-related searches on the Web are precise predictors of the upcoming influenza outbreaks.


Best wishes for the rest of their scientific career.

[*] &#8220-Make him a Saint, now!&#8221-, in Italian. :-D