Heres how to create a huge buzz in the Blogosphere about the prediction markets and multiply the web links pointing to the InTrade, TradeSports, BetFair, TradeFair, Betdaq, Iowa Electonic Markets, Hollywood Stock Exchange, NewsFutures, Reality Markets, YooPick or HubDub websites.

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Create a &#8220-friending&#8221- system, on the side of your prediction exchange, so that traders can share their readings, trades and tips with their web acquaintances and friends.

Invite some big bloggers into the system. It is not necessary that those big bloggers use the service.

Put the names of these bloggers as the by-default choice in the landing page of your &#8220-friending&#8221- system, so that each newbie is prompted to become a &#8220-friend&#8221- of those big bloggers.

– Of course, the number of &#8220-friends&#8221- of those big bloggers will grow dramatically by the minute. After a while, the numbers of &#8220-friends&#8221- of those big bloggers will become impressive.

– Then, what happens is that those big, infatuated bloggers will notice the big number of &#8220-friends&#8221- they got on that &#8220-friending&#8221- service (which they don&#8217-t use), and they are going to start bragging about that on their respective blog &#8212-linking to that &#8220-friending&#8221- website, and thus, sending more newbies to it, and injecting PageRank juice into it.

– The best scenario is one where that &#8220-friending&#8221- service is seen as prestigious, and there is a competition going on between the big bloggers about who is going to have the longest.

– Success guaranteed.

If you wondered why the big bloggers in the field of information technology are all talking about FriendFeed, then watch that video.

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  • Do join the “Prediction Markets” group at LinkedIn, if you have a strong interest in the prediction markets or if you work in the prediction market industry. It’s free, and that’s a way for the LinkedIn visitors browsing stuff about prediction markets to stumble upon your resume / profile.

Kudos to BetFairs e-mail marketing team?

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John Delaney and Mark Davies P.R. tactics suck.

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The P.R. industry sucks.

It also true for the field of prediction markets. InTrade-TradeSports and BetFair-TradeFair should embrace open blogging.

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The First One, The Free One, and The Good One.

No GravatarSteven Frank:

My current hypothesis is that there are at least three positions of prominence in each segment &#8212- three ways to be number one, if you will: The First One, The Free One, and The Good One.

I like his short essay.

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Britons cant get enough of Yankees politics.


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  • WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg is my hero and so he should be yours.
  • InTrade-TradeSports has seen more than $50 million wagered on the U.S. presidential election.
  • Prediction markets on who is going to win an election are more accurate then the final Gallup poll.
  • LinkedIn will be data-mining its database of millions of users to find potential experts.

Never underestimate a one-trick pony.

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Robet Scoble:

3. Pay attention to the “unimportant” people in your life. Last year this goofy guy walked into the CES BlogHaus. I introduced him to a few people and did an interview with him. He wasn’t famous. Didn’t have a blog. Hadn’t started a business or done anything that anyone would qualify as “important.” But between January and now he’s become a New York Times best selling author and he’s gotten me onto CNBC and the New York Times. All cause I paid attention to him back when he wasn’t “somebody.”

I begin to like this guy&#8230- Robert Scobble&#8230- :-D

InTrade-TradeSports and BetFair-TradeFair are barred from advertising on Google, Yahoo! and MicroSofts networks of websites.

Via Jason Ruspini and Daniel Horowitz, The Associated Press &amp- Reuters.

But I will remark that Google Ads serve both InTrade and TradeSports. [I don&#8217-t mind. Just a remark.]

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The Art Of SEO For Wikipedia

No GravatarExcellent article about how Wikipedia intersects with internet marketing.

SEOs obsess too much with Wikipedia, in my view.


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