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Google PageRank:

The PageRank of Midas Oracle .ORG is: 6 / 10.

Mark Rose (ex-HedgeStreet):

Chris is a beacon in the world of prediction markets. Chris has played a huge role in helping the growth of the category.

Byrne Hobart, recommending Midas Oracle:

A torrent of information and analysis on prediction markets and the personalities behind them — great resource.

A micro-blogger on Twitter:


Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture (the #1 Wall Street blog):

Chris Masse maintains the most complete website on prediction markets. He has slowly evolved his views on the utility and function of such markets.

Sean Park (who invested in BetFair at inception):

[…] thanks to Chris’ posting of it at Midas Oracle (incontournable for keeping up with all the latest news and gossip on the subject of prediction markets.)

Caveat Bettor (a prediction market blogger):

[Chris Masse] continues to serve the possibilities, no, realities of prediction markets well.

David Pennock (Yahoo! Research scientist), on an e-mailing list:

If you’re talking about Chris Masse, his portal and blog offer an incredibly valuable service in my opinion, something that certainly reflects a great deal of sustained effort.

Professor Tyler Cowen (Marginal Revolution):

MidasOracle.org, run by Chris F. Masse, who is the comprehensive source of information on this topic.

John Delaney (CEO of InTrade-TradeSports):

Anyone who has not reviewed http://www.chrisfmasse.com/ should. It is a great [prediction market] resource.

Resources For Economists (The American Economic Association’s directory):

This site offers a variety of material for those interested in “prediction markets” (markets where participants trade instruments whose price reflects the probability of future events). While somewhat opinionated, many will likely find it useful for its breadth of coverage.

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