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  • Midas Oracle is about predictions and innovation.
  • We put an emphasis on collective intelligence applied to forecasting (a.k.a., collective forecasting), especially prediction markets, and on startups (in particular, in the information technology industry).
  • Besides politics, economics, finance, and entrepreneurship, we are about digital marketing (Web apps vs. iPhone/iPad apps, WordPress, search engine optimization, etc.).
  • In science, we have a strong interest in retrocausality research in physics, and mind–machine interactions (the “psi”).
  • Oh, and we like robots, droids, choppers, quadricopters, quadrotors, etc.
  • Midas” refers to the financial traders.
  • Oracle” refers to the predictive power of the financial markets.
  • We publish the best mutant ideas.
  • We are eclectic.
  • We link out to a lot of external resources.

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About Midas Oracle

About Midas Oracle .ORG

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