TEN CEO John Delaney finally admits that the new law will cut off TradeSports-InTrades revenues.

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He writes:

Our entire team are very busy with a bunch of things right now
** Offering new and easier ways for members to deposit funds to the exchange.

As for trader &#8220-Todd73NJ&#8221-, he found out that Web-based bookmaker/sportsbook BetCris is testing a workaround for the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act:

1) They mail you the card
2) You fund it via Western Union – either online from a credit card or at a location via credit card or cash
3) You will be charged by Western Union approx $40 per $1,000 transfered
4) They refund the charges you are charged once you deposit to their site and roll over the money.
5) Withdrawing is free to send the money back to your debit card.
6) Normal ATM transaction fees when you take out cash from any ATM. Or you can use it at places that [accept] the certain purchase options they mentioned.

Remember: Neteller (the main financial source of TradeSports-InTrade) is out of the US market.