Google Search has sent 75,674 people to Midas Oracle since June 2009.

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Google Search has sent 1,271 people to Midas Oracle yesterday alone. &#8211- (2,577 pageviews, yesterday, fyi)

An excerpt of the historical chart regarding the Google Search traffic sent to Midas Oracle (I enlarged the time period so you can see the 2008 US Election Day spike):


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Posting On Midas Oracle versus Presenting At The Third WorkShop

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MIDAS ORACLE: 1,600 daily readers (600 visitors on the Web + 1,000 feed subscribers)

THIRD WORKSHOP: 40 people in the room. – [Psstt… All the links to the presented papers… here.]

Ratio: 40 to 1.

There are 40 times more people on Midas Oracle than in that Chicago conference room.

TAKEAWAY: If your goal as a researcher is truly to get your ideas out, then come blogging with us on Midas Oracle.