Wanna discussing finance on my other Midas Oracle blog, powered by P2?

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http://midasoracle.wordpress.com/ &#8212- powered by P2.

If some of you wanna be registered there, so as to have a commenting playground with no limits, let me know.

For this website (Midas Oracle .ORG), I came back to WP FrameWork. I still have to work out the sidebar.

UPDATE: Jason tells me it&#8217-s a mistake to dilute the comments. They should stay on this site, MO.org.

How to use P2 on Midas Oracle

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I have modified things a bit so you, guys, don&#8217-t post (as Niall has just done) using the quick blog editor on the frontpage. I want you to use the blog editor, inside WordPress.

(The quick blog editor on the frontpage outputs posts without any post title. I don&#8217-t like that.)

– Use the frontpage to comment directly on stories.

– Now, if you want to publish a post (as opposed to a comment), go inside WordPress. Save your post. And then ask me, so I can finesse the tags and categories before publication.

UPDATE: P2 is out. It sucked too much of the server resources.

How to join Midas Oracle -and why.

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How To Become A Midas Oracle Author

The Uniqueness Of Midas Oracle

  1. We publish the best mutant ideas.
  2. We link out a lot to external resources.

How To Join Us

#1. We are interested in recruiting you as a volunteer, if you have an interest in prediction markets (and collective intelligence). Be sure to read and understand (:-D ) the ABOUT, MISSION, CODE OF CONDUCT, and TERMS OF USE webpages. Guest blogging on Midas Oracle can help you get traffic to your website and increase its PageRank.

#2. You may either register yourself as a comment author, disclosing your full name (or not), or send your application (as a comment author or as a post/page author) to Chris Masse &#8212-see our CONTACT page. When you register, do create your account using your first name and last name, such as &#8220-john-doe&#8221-. The login is at the bottom of the sidebar.

#3. Registered members of Midas Oracle will receive an e-mail newsletter once in a while &#8212-only when important circumstances warrant. (There are e-mail options on your profile page, inside the Midas Oracle system, which allows you to opt out of mass e-mails, if you really need to.)

#4. To have your status upgraded from comment author to post/page author, contact Chris Masse.

#5. To have your name removed from Midas Oracle, send your resignation to the blog administrator (Chris Masse), and he will delete your profile from the blog database.

How To Publish Your Ideas On Midas Oracle

How To Publish

How To Comment