Wanna discussing finance on my other Midas Oracle blog, powered by P2?

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http://midasoracle.wordpress.com/ &#8212- powered by P2.

If some of you wanna be registered there, so as to have a commenting playground with no limits, let me know.

For this website (Midas Oracle .ORG), I came back to WP FrameWork. I still have to work out the sidebar.

UPDATE: Jason tells me it&#8217-s a mistake to dilute the comments. They should stay on this site, MO.org.

How to use P2 on Midas Oracle

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I have modified things a bit so you, guys, don&#8217-t post (as Niall has just done) using the quick blog editor on the frontpage. I want you to use the blog editor, inside WordPress.

(The quick blog editor on the frontpage outputs posts without any post title. I don&#8217-t like that.)

– Use the frontpage to comment directly on stories.

– Now, if you want to publish a post (as opposed to a comment), go inside WordPress. Save your post. And then ask me, so I can finesse the tags and categories before publication.

UPDATE: P2 is out. It sucked too much of the server resources.

Midas Oracle is thankful for P2 – a new WordPress theme (a.k.a., blog layout) that smoothes the reading and writing of comments.

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On the frontpage and on the tag/category pages, the comments will appear listed below the post. No need to download the post to read the (favorable or unfavorable) comments.

If you are a registered user and have just logged in, you can comment directly on the frontpage or on the tag/category pages. No need to open the post to publish your own comment.

– I will be finessing the sidebar and the pages in the coming days. Patience, please. Contact me if you spot an horrific bug that prevents you from digesting your Thanksgiving turkey.

Addendum: WordPress&#8217-s P2

UPDATE: P2 is out. It sucked too much of the server resources.

P2 = a revolution in blogging

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As I told you the other day, I am very impressed by P2, a new interactive WordPress theme. I have not selected it for Midas Oracle (I chose WP FrameWork), but I think that P2 will influence a lot of other themes.

Download this post if your feed reader doesn’t show you the embedded video above.