Wanna discussing finance on my other Midas Oracle blog, powered by P2?

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http://midasoracle.wordpress.com/ &#8212- powered by P2.

If some of you wanna be registered there, so as to have a commenting playground with no limits, let me know.

For this website (Midas Oracle .ORG), I came back to WP FrameWork. I still have to work out the sidebar.

UPDATE: Jason tells me it&#8217-s a mistake to dilute the comments. They should stay on this site, MO.org.

Midas Oracle is thankful for P2 – a new WordPress theme (a.k.a., blog layout) that smoothes the reading and writing of comments.

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On the frontpage and on the tag/category pages, the comments will appear listed below the post. No need to download the post to read the (favorable or unfavorable) comments.

If you are a registered user and have just logged in, you can comment directly on the frontpage or on the tag/category pages. No need to open the post to publish your own comment.

– I will be finessing the sidebar and the pages in the coming days. Patience, please. Contact me if you spot an horrific bug that prevents you from digesting your Thanksgiving turkey.

Addendum: WordPress&#8217-s P2

UPDATE: P2 is out. It sucked too much of the server resources.

On other blogs than Midas Oracle, the Askimet anti-spam technology actually blocks legitimate comments from honorable people, and, hence, blocks free speech on the Internet.

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I am one of those &#8220-honorable people&#8221- who get caught in Askimet&#8217-s net. Any blog running Askimet will refuse any of my comments. I have never submitted any illegitimate comment, though.

It&#8217-s a big scandal.

Askimet = Shit.

WordPress allows the Midas Oracle members to embed a chart widget or a YouTube video in their comments.

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I have tested the comment system, and successfully embedded 3 chart widgets (InTrade, NewsFutures, and HubDub) in the comment area of my last post. Additionally, I embedded a YouTube video of a good piece of Jazz (WaterMelon Man by Herbie Hancock).

To do so, when you type your comment, you need to click on the &#8220-HTML&#8221- button, and insert the code here.

It&#8217-s yet another functionality (in a long list) that Midas Oracle offers to the members of the field of prediction markets.

Overcoming Whatever, Freakonomics, and the InTrade e-mailing list, look so pale, now. :-D

Commenting on Midas Oracle

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As you know, some people commenting here told me they went into trouble, even when they were logged in. I found out why. The anti-spam plugin &#8220-WP Spam Free&#8221- does not exempt registered blog users from its anti-spam checking. It only exempts the administrator (me). That&#8217-s absurd. (See the WP forum.) The registered users of Midas Oracle should be trusted a priori.

I didn&#8217-t know that. When some commenters complained to me, I thought they were completely drunk. Sorry for that, folks.

Which is why the plugin &#8220-WP Spam Free&#8221- is out (until its author comes back to his sense), and &#8220-Bad Behavior&#8221- is in.

Commenters, let me know whether the problems you got while trying to comment on Midas Oracle have disappeared. Thanks. I promise I&#8217-ll trust you, this time. :-D

Our previous post on the topic of registration (which is recommended).

UPDATE: Bad Behavior proved to be good for my blog users, but lately, I endured an attack of spam comments (60 last night). So, I did disable Bad Behavior and re-enable WP Spam Free for a while&#8230- I&#8217-ll see what to do next&#8230- If you encounter problems, e-mail me. I think you should accept cookies and have JavaScript enabled in your browser&#8230-

Do you still have trouble commenting on Midas Oracle?

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I deactivated the WP-OpenID plugin because WP Spam Free says it is the source of incompatibilities. I notified the WP forum.

Commenters, let me know whether the problems you got while trying to comment on Midas Oracle have disappeared. Thanks.

Our previous post on the same topic.

UPDATE: I deactivated WP Spam Free and installed Bad Behavior.

Suggestion for WordPress – Subscribers Capabilities

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The WordPress registered subscribers should have access, internally, to the &#8220-comments&#8221- page &#8212-so that they could read comments, and reply to comments from there. (With a little help from the &#8220-Absolute Comments&#8221- plugin.) That would be useful to the heavy commenters. Indeed, that &#8220-comments&#8221- page loads quicker than anything else.

Comments are now completely open on Midas Oracle.

No GravatarI have been fighting comment spammers for weeks, and I think I&#8217-ve finally found the right combo:

  1. I don&#8217-t use &#8220-Askimet&#8221- anymore (it constantly sent my own comments in the spam area!!!)-
  2. I use &#8220-Bad Behavior&#8221- (it protects this blog from naughty spambots)-
  3. I use &#8220-Peter&#8217-s Math Anti-Spam Image&#8221- (it makes sure the commenter is a human being and not a spambot)-
  4. I use &#8220-WP AJAX Edit Comments&#8221- (it allows commenters to edit their comments, post publication)-
  5. I use &#8220-Subscribe To Comments&#8221- (it allows commenters to receive e-mail notifications of new comments to a post)-
  6. I use &#8220-NoFollow Free&#8221- (it allows the commenters&#8217- links to be computed by the Google PageRank system)-
  7. I use &#8220-TinyMCEComments&#8221- (it puts a visual editor in the comment area)-
  8. I use &#8220-WordPress Gravatars&#8221- (it shows off the face pictures of our blog users).


CASE #1: You are logged in.

Comment Registered

CASE #2: You are not logged in. &#8212- a) You are not a registered user. b) You&#8217-re a registered user but haven&#8217-t logged in.

Comment Unregistered

The comment will appear immediately if the commenter has one previously approved comment.

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