6 thoughts on “Chris, I wanted to make a comment on Midas Oracle, but the anti-spam mechanism ate my comment.

  1. Medemi said:

    The anti-spam mechanism is (sometimes) active even When logged in. Fact. It happened twice to me.

    Always make a copy of your post before hitting the submit button. At least, until Chris can get this resolved πŸ˜€Β 

  2. Medemi said:

    Well, whatever is doing it, it clearly sucks.

    I haven’t mentioned the “your message is too short, please add something useful to the debate” and “allow cookies” to that effect etc. messages.

    Maybe we could automate it in such a way that it will dictate what I have to say ? At least it would save me some time.

    Oh yeah, there it wasagain . “Please enable javascript and cookies in your browser and try again”.

    I rest my case.

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