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As you know, some people commenting here told me they went into trouble, even when they were logged in. I found out why. The anti-spam plugin &#8220-WP Spam Free&#8221- does not exempt registered blog users from its anti-spam checking. It only exempts the administrator (me). That&#8217-s absurd. (See the WP forum.) The registered users of Midas Oracle should be trusted a priori.

I didn&#8217-t know that. When some commenters complained to me, I thought they were completely drunk. Sorry for that, folks.

Which is why the plugin &#8220-WP Spam Free&#8221- is out (until its author comes back to his sense), and &#8220-Bad Behavior&#8221- is in.

Commenters, let me know whether the problems you got while trying to comment on Midas Oracle have disappeared. Thanks. I promise I&#8217-ll trust you, this time. :-D

Our previous post on the topic of registration (which is recommended).

UPDATE: Bad Behavior proved to be good for my blog users, but lately, I endured an attack of spam comments (60 last night). So, I did disable Bad Behavior and re-enable WP Spam Free for a while&#8230- I&#8217-ll see what to do next&#8230- If you encounter problems, e-mail me. I think you should accept cookies and have JavaScript enabled in your browser&#8230-

Comments are now completely open on Midas Oracle.

No GravatarI have been fighting comment spammers for weeks, and I think I&#8217-ve finally found the right combo:

  1. I don&#8217-t use &#8220-Askimet&#8221- anymore (it constantly sent my own comments in the spam area!!!)-
  2. I use &#8220-Bad Behavior&#8221- (it protects this blog from naughty spambots)-
  3. I use &#8220-Peter&#8217-s Math Anti-Spam Image&#8221- (it makes sure the commenter is a human being and not a spambot)-
  4. I use &#8220-WP AJAX Edit Comments&#8221- (it allows commenters to edit their comments, post publication)-
  5. I use &#8220-Subscribe To Comments&#8221- (it allows commenters to receive e-mail notifications of new comments to a post)-
  6. I use &#8220-NoFollow Free&#8221- (it allows the commenters&#8217- links to be computed by the Google PageRank system)-
  7. I use &#8220-TinyMCEComments&#8221- (it puts a visual editor in the comment area)-
  8. I use &#8220-WordPress Gravatars&#8221- (it shows off the face pictures of our blog users).


CASE #1: You are logged in.

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CASE #2: You are not logged in. &#8212- a) You are not a registered user. b) You&#8217-re a registered user but haven&#8217-t logged in.

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