The right way to deal with invaders – [AUSSIE RULES]

You&#8217-re not welcome! Australian ships boatload of asylum seekers to Malaysia in tough new immigration measure.

Kicked Out: Australian ministers have swapped a boatload of asylum seekers for refugees after making a deal with the Malaysian government.

Chris Bowen:

The new French law on Internet betting and gambling – [VIDEO]

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Critical documentary in French:

LES DESSOUS DE LA LOI,Les yeux dans les jeux
envoy&eacute- par publicsenat. &#8211- Regardez les derni&egrave-res vid&eacute-os d&#039-actu.

Via Daniel Schneidermann

Loi sur les jeux en ligne, enquete
envoye par asi. &#8211- Regardez les dernieres videos d&#8217-actu.

All 3 British political leaders fell for the global warming scam.

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Solar activity and cosmic rays drive the Earth’s climate.

Global warming due to human-produced CO2 is the biggest scientific imposture of all times.

These 3 political leaders are all wrong.