U.S. regulators unveiled a series of proposed governance rules for derivatives clearinghouses and trading platforms that are designed to protect the market.

The proposals by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission would be the first major step by the agency toward regulating the opaque $615 trillion over-the-counter derivatives market.

Jason Ruspini, vice president of Conquest Capital, reveals the three indicators he uses to predict how high gold prices will go.

The Street:

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I did not give $1500 as a gold target this year! When asked for my gold price prediction, I said, if you look at gold as a % of global fx reserves and investable assets you can justify very high gold price predictions, but I don’t like to model absolute levels, I like to look at marginal, incremental signals. If you put a gun to my head though: $1300-1350 — not “$1300-1500?.

Also edited out was a differentiation of liquidity shock vs. deflation vs. disinflation.

I should add that long-term trend-following is a fine way to trade gold.

These are all my own opinions, not those of Conquest.