Wall Street analystss view is too short term.

And that includes Jason Ruspini.


– Keep in mind that, at inception, Apple also underestimated the iPad numbers. They had to ramp up production, later on.

– See Paul Hewitt&#8217-s comment, below.

My bill will bring 100 percent transparency to our financial markets, prevent future bailouts and, most importantly, protect Main Street.

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&#8220-Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, the Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, is expected to introduce derivatives legislation on Friday that is far stricter for banks than Wall Street had anticipated.&#8220-

Michael Lewis on CBS 60 Minutes: How the capitalism was almost destroyed by the capitalists in the Fall of 2008 – [VIDEO]

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Part 2:

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Felix Salmon review of Michael Lewis&#8217-s book, &#8220-The Big Short&#8221-.

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. -> September 24, 2010

Full of cliches?

Wall Street 2 @ HSX &#8211-> Quite high flying.

The first trailer is hilarious:

About Wall Street 2:

Wall Street 1:

Frank Sinatra, &#8220-Fly Me To The Moon&#8221-:

Tobin Tax = a tax on financial transactions

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Sounds like Jason Ruspini shouldn&#8217-t lose sleep over it &#8212-it won&#8217-t happen:


Paul Krugman Tries to Foist Specious Argument in Tobin Tax Debate.

Jason Ruspini is against the Tobin Tax.