In Q1, the iPad was equal to 7% of the PC market. Now, it’s at 11%. — [LINK]

[I]f the iPad were lined up against all other computers, it would be the fourth-biggest computer brand in the world — after HP, Dell, and Lenovo […].

Wall Street analystss view is too short term.

And that includes Jason Ruspini.


– Keep in mind that, at inception, Apple also underestimated the iPad numbers. They had to ramp up production, later on.

– See Paul Hewitt&#8217-s comment, below.

Midas Oracle wants you to set your screen resolution very high.

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  • Set the screen resolution of your PC at 1600 x 1200 pixels or more.
  • You will probably have to augment the size of the font(s) used by your browser and your other software.

That way, you will have more things on your screen.

And you will enjoy our extended horizontal menu bar, present on top of every Midas Oracle webpage. More menu choices means more opportunities for the web visitors to discover the prediction markets. :-D Which is good for all the prediction market people and organizations listed on those webpages. :-D