Internet betting and prediction markets on the Apple iPhone and the Google Android

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I watched the Apple event introducing the iPhone 3.0 &#8212-the new version of the operating system for the smart phone. (The competitor is the Google Android, caressed by the innocent mister Cowgill.)

We have now 2 different ecosystems for people to access betting online:

  1. a personal computer (desktop or laptop) + a connection to the Internet (coupled sometimes with the phone system)-
  2. a personal hand-held computer + a connection to both the phone system and the Internet.
  1. a personal computer is piloted by a mouse (or a trackpad) on a plane surface-
  2. a personal hand-held computer is piloted by the fingers.

More and more, businesses (like Automattic/WordPress) are developing a special entry point on the Web for the iPhone and Android users. BetFair has already developed a sub-website for them. No doubt that the other prediction exchanges will follow course &#8212-since the 2 different ecosystems are here to stay.