How to download Michael Masnicks The Economics Of Abundance

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How to download Michael Masnick&#8217-s The Economics Of Abundance. Scroll down this page.

How to download Michael Masnick&#8217-s short film, &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221-:

[*] Here are some other means to download any video to your hard drive:

[**] Video Download Helper:

  • &#8220-HQ 22&#8243- = HD MP4 file
  • &#8220-HQ 18&#8243- = MP4 file
  • &#8220-HQ 35&#8243- = FLV file

Nota Bene: If you don&#8217-t see &#8220-HQ 22&#8243- or &#8220-HQ 18&#8243- in the scrolling list of &#8220-Video Download Helper&#8221-, don&#8217-t hesitate to reload the YouTube page- it should work the second time. If this fails, then use &#8220-Easy YouTube Video Download&#8221-, instead. If this fails too, use the GreaseMonkey script. If this fails too, then download the FLV file, and convert it into an MP4 file.

Translation: Download &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221- film = Descargar &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221- pelicula = Herunterladen &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221- film = Telecharger film &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221-





Connect With Fans (CwF) + Reason To Buy (RtB) = The Business Model ($$$$)

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Trent Reznor (the leader of Nine Inch Nails) offers his music for free on the Internet. He manages to make money selling concerts and merchandising products thanks to the community of fans he has empowered on his website. He does this using all the Web 2.0 tools you can think of. Wired has an extensive reporting on it, which you should bookmark and read it in whole when you have 5 minutes, later today or later this week. Even though most of you, my readers, don&#8217-t work in the music industry, the marketing concepts and actions exposed in this article are relevant to your business &#8212-they are relevant to any business (including the prediction market industry).

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