Sports Risk Index would allow you to hedge risks on sport prediction markets.

The patent.

The latest developments. (audio)

I am skeptical, since the US Congress has just outlawed movie prediction markets, but I wish good luck to Chris Rabelais et al. Maybe the political scene will be different next year, who knows.

UPDATE: As you’ve understood, I was talking about CFTC-approved real-money prediction markets, here.

In-House Vs. Outsourcing

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BetFair Predicts is paying a social media consultant.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange / Cantor Exchange is paying a community service provider.

HubDub&#8217-s community services are performed in house.

Should community building be a core constituent of a prediction exchange? I&#8217-d say &#8220-yes&#8221-. It is not something to outsource.

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BetFair co-founder Andrew “Bert” Black’s blog is flooded (New Orleans-style) with comments from event derivative traders who question the rationality, logic, extent, fairness, true pupose and timing of the new “premium charges”.

PREVIOUSLY: BetFair impose new “Premium Charges”… Do BetFair gag the critics, too?

UPDATE: They announce a Q&A.