Mike Robb takes charge of the BetFair Bureau at New York.

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BetFair won’t release any public press release on all this, but they told me this: Following Stephen Burn&#8217-s taking over BetFair US leadership, Mike Robb will be sent in New York to open a new &#8220-BetFair Bureau&#8221-, from which he&#8217-ll spin the US media about the virtues of prediction markets. Here&#8217-s BetFair&#8217-s statement:

We have decided that the strategy for the U.S. is to enhance our visibility and to support our global product development initiatives, and, therefore, at this point, Betfair wants the U.S. communication team to integrate more closely with the U.K. marketing team. Given these changes, London-based Mark Davies will now be reporting to Mike Robb.

In other news, Shapeskeare was French (BBC).

Albert Einstein said, Besides intuition and knowledge, the only valuable thing is the set of probabilities from the prediction markets; the rest are details.

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&#8220-One tried-and-true method for getting people to pay attention to words is to put them into the mouth of a well-known, respected figure whom the public perceives as being an expert in the subject at hand.&#8221-