Tobin Tax = a tax on financial transactions

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Sounds like Jason Ruspini shouldn&#8217-t lose sleep over it &#8212-it won&#8217-t happen:


Paul Krugman Tries to Foist Specious Argument in Tobin Tax Debate.

Jason Ruspini is against the Tobin Tax.

Ubber finance blogger Barry Ritholtz believes in magic. He believes that, with more volumes on the event derivative markets, comes the Omniscience -capital O.

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Our good friend Barry Ritholtz.has persuaded himself that our real-money prediction markets suffer from an irremediable and fatal problem: liquidity on political event derivative markets is too thin for smart Wall Street people like him to take their market-generated probabilities seriously. Barry Ritholtz is keen to tout oranges&#8211-apples comparisons: the NYSE volume versus the Obama&#8211-Clinton volume at InTrade. It&#8217-s a bullshit argument, but he managed to persuade some gullible journalists writing for some clueless mainstream media that thin liquidity was responsible for the New Hampshire upset &#8212-and else.

Barry, if you had 1,000,000,000 trades on the New Hampshire prediction market, you&#8217-d still have an inaccurate prediction. The polls were wrong, and there&#8217-s nothing &#8230- NOTHING&#8230- that the InTrade and BetFair traders could have done to get this election right. Get over it, Barry. Traders are not magicians. :-D

[For why the polls were wrong, see: The New York Times, Zogby, Rasmussen, Gallup…]