The Euro will fall to $1 within a year. – [PREDICTION]

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A bunch of hedge funds are betting against the Euro.

Via Joe Weisenthal

My plea to Yahoo! research scientist David Pennock

My Dear Honorable Doctor David Pennock,

Please, give us more choices. We want to be able to choose between:

real-world outcomes and Yahoo! search outcomes


– play money (Yootles) and real money (in the U.K., thru a BetFair patnership).

WE WANT FREEDOM, DOCTOR PENNOCK. DON&#8217-T IMPOSE YOUR PREFERENCES ON US. Ever heard of the Statue of Liberty that the French gave to your people, man??

Addendum: I almost forgot. And we want a high level of interactivity between blogs and prediction markets. Plus, we want imaginary prediction markets. Hurry up- we&#8217-re waiting.

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