BetFair employees believe that David Yu and the other top brass are a bunch of schmucks who are incapable of delivering leadership. – [NEWS]

Via a reader, The Guardian lists the execs who have recently fled BetFair HQ:

– Mathias Entenmann
– Charlie Palmer
– Robin Osmond
– Lee Cowles
– Tim Phillips
– Emily Foge
– Rob Glynne
– Alex Deacon
– Tony Rigby
– Don Fotsch.

And I add:

– Tony Clare
– Mark Davies
– Mike Robb.

The right way to deal with invaders – [AUSSIE RULES]

You&#8217-re not welcome! Australian ships boatload of asylum seekers to Malaysia in tough new immigration measure.

Kicked Out: Australian ministers have swapped a boatload of asylum seekers for refugees after making a deal with the Malaysian government.

Chris Bowen: