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Addendum: WordPress&#8217-s P2

UPDATE: P2 is out. It sucked too much of the server resources.

World Blogging Month (WoBloMo)

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Our fearless conductor Chris Masse has mastered the art of blogging, including the key ingredient of consistent daily posts. He knows what Stephen King knows: quantity and quality can be friends.

For a pseudo-blogger like me intimidated by those seven letters &#8220-P u b l i s h&#8221-, I could use some prodding from ludicrous and arbitrary deadlines. Sixteen of them, in fact.

Enter World Blogging Month (WoBloMo), coming in March. The goal is simple: Blog every other day from March 1 to March 31 and you win.

I&#8217-m in. So far as I can tell so are two other people.

One of them, Mark Reid, summed up his reason for joining nicely: &#8220-By forcing regular posts I’m hoping to not indulge myself as much in my writing, find the main thing I want to say in each post and just say it.&#8221-

March is a good month to write since it happens to be a popular month to surf.

So join us and &#8220-just say it&#8221- on every odd day of March. See you on the other side.

Full disclosure.

Midas Oracle thanks these guys for participating (by publishing posts and/or comments) in our ongoing discussion about the social utility of the prediction markets.

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Tom W. Bell – Tom Bell – Post Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Professor – Law (Chapman University) – Blog: Agoraphilia – California, U.S.A.

Caveat Bettor [pseudonym] – Post Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Event Derivative Trader – Blog: Caveat Bettor – North America

Bo CowgillPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Quantitative Marketing Manager – Google – Blog: Bo Cowgill – California, U.S.A.

Nigel EcclesPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – CEO – HubDub – Blog: HubDub – Scotland, United Kingdom, E.U.

Michael Giberson – Mike Giberson – Post Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Energy Economist (Center for Energy Commerce, Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University) – Site: Michael Giberson – Blog: Knowledge Problem – Texas, U.S.A.

Robin HansonPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Professor – Economics (George Mason University) – Blogs: Overcoming Bias – Virginia, U.S.A.

Chris HibbertPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Software Architect (Zocalo) – Site: My Druthers – Blog: PanCrit – California, U.S.A.

Alex KirtlandPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Internet Usability Expert – Blog: Usable Markets – New York, U.S.A.

Mike LinksvayerPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Vice-President of Creative Commons – Blog: Mike Linksvayer – California, U.S.A.

David PennockPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo! – Yahoo! Research – Blog: Odd Head – New York, U.S.A.

Jason RuspiniPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Financial Research Analyst, Vice President at Conquest Capital Group – Blog: Risk Markets &amp- Politics – New York, U.S.A.

Emile Servan-SchreiberPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – CEO – NewsFutures – Blog: NewsFutures – Maryland, U.S.A. &amp- France, E.U.

Adam SiegelPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – CEO – Inkling Markets – Illinois, U.S.A.

Koleman StrumpfPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Professor – Economics (University of Kansas) – Kansas, U.S.A.

George TziralisPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Doctoral Researcher – National Technical University of Athens – George Tziralis&#8217-s Home Page – Site: Ask Markets – Greece, E.U.

Eric ZitzewitzPost Archive at Midas Oracle – (Post Feed) – Professor – Economics (Dartmouth College) – Site: Zitzewitz.net – California, U.S.A.

Pssttt&#8230- Let me know if I should make a change in a label, or add a link, or else.

How to optimize your prediction market blog (e.g., Midas Oracle, Caveat Bettor) or prediction exchange website (e.g., InTrade, TradeSports, BetFair, NewsFutures, HubDub) for Google Web Search -and all the other search engines out there.

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Interview of Google&#8217-s Matt Cutts by USA Today.

The basic SEO tips.

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  • Join our group at LinkedIn to have your “Prediction Markets” badge on your profile. It’s ‘chic’. (“Groups” info should be set as “visible”, in your profile options.) We are 63 this early Saturday morning —keeps growing.
  • If you have been using PayPal to fund your InTrade, TradeSports or BetFair account, please, check that horror story.
  • 48 hours after the launch of the “Prediction Markets” group at LinkedIn, we have already 52 members —both prediction market luminaries and simple people (trading the event derivatives or collecting the market-generated probabilities).

GOOD NEWS: Ron Paul is now blogging. – THE CHERRY ON TOP OF THE CAKE: Ron Paul is using WordPress.org… just like Midas Oracle does.

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Campaign For Liberty

Campaign For Liberty – Blog


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  • Psstt… Spot that comment, on Google News, about… “bellwethers”… from a political scientist.

HubDubs Nigel Eccles is the man.

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Nigel Eccles

  1. He didn&#8217-t sign Bob&#8217-s petitions. :-D
  2. He is experienced.
  3. He is well versed into prediction markets and journalism.
  4. Just after HubDub&#8217-s inception, he realized they fucked up their chart widgets. Five months later, they managed to correct that birth defect.
  5. He is a guy humble enough to ask for pointers and feedback &#8212-and he does listen up (see the point #4).
  6. He is quite friendly.
  7. HubDub is already a success.
  8. HubDub serves a purpose for people: it mixes news and prediction markets in a novel way, which should give ideas to InTrade, TradeSports, BetFair, TradeFair, NewsFutures, etc.
  9. In some kind of small ways, Nigel Eccles is pioneering &#8220-the future of journalism&#8220-.
  10. If newspaper and magazine websites were to be interested in prediction markets, HubDub should be in the short list.

Three things that Scottish guy hasn&#8217-t computed yet, though:

  1. You have to look down into the small prints, towards the bottom of their frontpage, to get the info that they have a blog. (((They master well mass e-mailing, on the other hand.)))
  2. He hasn&#8217-t cracked open prediction market journalism (a la Justin Wolfers), yet &#8212-but I&#8217-m confident that is coming.
  3. He looks like a baby-face schmuck on that pic. :-D

Betfair Unleashed

No GravatarBetfair Unleashed

A new betting blog by Julian Moors (a &#8220-famous unknown&#8221-, as my dad used to say, when we met any stranger).

Best wishes to&#8230- whoever &#8220-Julian Moors&#8221- could be. :-D

RSS feed (whose URL is messed with, on the site): http://www.betfairunleashed.com/feed/

Please, send me the URLs of good blogs on TradeSports, InTrade, BetFair, Betdaq, MatchBook, HedgeStreet, TradeFair, NewsFutures, HubDub, Inkling Markets, Hollywood Stock Exchange, or else.

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  • When gambling meets Wall Street — Proposal for a brand-new kind of finance-based lottery
  • The definitive proof that it’s presently impossible to practice prediction market journalism with BetFair.
  • The Absence of Teams In Production of Blog Journalism
  • Publish a comment on the BetFair forum, get arrested.
  • If I had to guess, I would say about 50 percent of the “name pros” you see on television on a regular basis have a negative net worth. Frightening, I know.
  • You can’t measure the usefulness of a system by how many resources it consumes.