HubDubs Nigel Eccles is the man.

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Nigel Eccles

  1. He didn&#8217-t sign Bob&#8217-s petitions. :-D
  2. He is experienced.
  3. He is well versed into prediction markets and journalism.
  4. Just after HubDub&#8217-s inception, he realized they fucked up their chart widgets. Five months later, they managed to correct that birth defect.
  5. He is a guy humble enough to ask for pointers and feedback &#8212-and he does listen up (see the point #4).
  6. He is quite friendly.
  7. HubDub is already a success.
  8. HubDub serves a purpose for people: it mixes news and prediction markets in a novel way, which should give ideas to InTrade, TradeSports, BetFair, TradeFair, NewsFutures, etc.
  9. In some kind of small ways, Nigel Eccles is pioneering &#8220-the future of journalism&#8220-.
  10. If newspaper and magazine websites were to be interested in prediction markets, HubDub should be in the short list.

Three things that Scottish guy hasn&#8217-t computed yet, though:

  1. You have to look down into the small prints, towards the bottom of their frontpage, to get the info that they have a blog. (((They master well mass e-mailing, on the other hand.)))
  2. He hasn&#8217-t cracked open prediction market journalism (a la Justin Wolfers), yet &#8212-but I&#8217-m confident that is coming.
  3. He looks like a baby-face schmuck on that pic. :-D

One thought on “HubDubs Nigel Eccles is the man.

  1. Nigel Eccles wants to know why Midas Oracle ranks much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much higher than HubDub for a prediction market they created -the "Twit Twitter Derby". | Midas Oracle .ORG said:

    […] Twitter Derby” prediction market ranks almost last. That’s where the real disaster is. Nigel Eccles pays good money to a bunch of amateurish bloggers, with the objectives of drawing traffic and […]

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