World Blogging Month (WoBloMo)

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Our fearless conductor Chris Masse has mastered the art of blogging, including the key ingredient of consistent daily posts. He knows what Stephen King knows: quantity and quality can be friends.

For a pseudo-blogger like me intimidated by those seven letters &#8220-P u b l i s h&#8221-, I could use some prodding from ludicrous and arbitrary deadlines. Sixteen of them, in fact.

Enter World Blogging Month (WoBloMo), coming in March. The goal is simple: Blog every other day from March 1 to March 31 and you win.

I&#8217-m in. So far as I can tell so are two other people.

One of them, Mark Reid, summed up his reason for joining nicely: &#8220-By forcing regular posts I’m hoping to not indulge myself as much in my writing, find the main thing I want to say in each post and just say it.&#8221-

March is a good month to write since it happens to be a popular month to surf.

So join us and &#8220-just say it&#8221- on every odd day of March. See you on the other side.

Full disclosure.