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A new betting blog by Julian Moors (a &#8220-famous unknown&#8221-, as my dad used to say, when we met any stranger).

Best wishes to&#8230- whoever &#8220-Julian Moors&#8221- could be. :-D

RSS feed (whose URL is messed with, on the site):

Please, send me the URLs of good blogs on TradeSports, InTrade, BetFair, Betdaq, MatchBook, HedgeStreet, TradeFair, NewsFutures, HubDub, Inkling Markets, Hollywood Stock Exchange, or else.

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  • If I had to guess, I would say about 50 percent of the “name pros” you see on television on a regular basis have a negative net worth. Frightening, I know.
  • You can’t measure the usefulness of a system by how many resources it consumes.

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