The BetFair betting blog = a piece of shit

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Via Niall O’Connor of Betting Market, the official BetFair betting blog.

#1. Unusable, unconventional layout and interface.

#2. Unsigned, crappy content.


Kind of reinforce my view that a firm cannot become a media company unless it partners or buys out a journalistic outlet. Not everybody can be a journalist. It requires special skills.


NEXT: How can BetFair, the world&#8217-s market leader, produce such a piece of ****?

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2 thoughts on “The BetFair betting blog = a piece of shit

  1. Niall O'Connor said:

    Chris, I know you will go to any lengths (no pun intended) for some publicity; but do you not think that putting up a picture of one of your own turds, was maybe going a bit far?

    Lest anybody should assume that this post were made by my own good self; I herewith distance myself from both the comments and the scatalogical overtones.

    But hey, I suppose you were merely balancing your somewhat sycophantic comments regarding the Betfair mobile…

  2. Chris. F. Masse said:

    OK, I have suppressed the image.

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