Will Google *launch* its own Operating System (OS) before July 13, 2009?

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Sounds like Google did &#8220-announce&#8221- &#8212-as opposed to &#8220-launch&#8221-. Sense the nuance?

And so the HubDub prediction market will expire as a &#8220-NO&#8221- &#8212-as I understand it.

MicroSoft have patented the prediction markets.

Well, at least, one aspect of the prediction markets.

Uniited States Patent Application:



A user participates in trading securities in a prediction market which represent different outcomes of an event, using an interface which allows the user to understand a trade in terms of a bet. The interface also allows the user to explore different bet amounts while receiving feedback on potential payoffs in real time. In one approach, a tool is used which is moved in one direction by the user to indicate a larger trade for an outcome, or in the opposite direction to indicate a larger trade against the outcome. A bet for an outcome can be translated into a purchase of a corresponding security which represents the outcome. A bet against a particular outcome can be translated into a purchase of securities which represents all other outcomes. The user interfaces hides complexities of the market from the user while surfacing relevant information.

Inventors: BERG- HENRY G.- (Redmond, WA) – PROEBSTING- TODD A.- (Redmond, WA)

I won&#8217-t comment on this, because I believe that the US patent system is broken, generally speaking.

Dont let others dissuade you to create a prediction market startup.

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MicroSoft&#8217-s Steve Ballmer:

My parents thought I&#8217-d lost my mind to drop out of Stanford Business School to go to a company that makes software. My dad said &#8220-what the heck is software?&#8221- and my mother said &#8220-why the heck would a person need a computer?&#8221-.

The software I use on my MacBook Pro 17″

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If you use some great software packages (utilities or applications) missing in this list, let me know. Thanks. Appreciated.

  • Operating Systems: Linux – Ubuntu – Apple Macintosh OS – Apple iPhone OS – MicroSoft Windows
  • Open-Source Software Packages: Open-Source Software Packages – Open-Source Mac – Open-Source iPhone Software – Open-Source Windows
  • Linux: &#8212-
  • Macintosh: – ClamXav – The Unarchiver – Disk Inventory X – OnyX – Maintenance – Deeper – Desktop Inspector – Service Scrubber – AppCleaner – Burn – QuickSilver – MercuryMover – CyberDuck – iRed Lite – KisMac – Adium – Fink – Fink Commander – NeoOffice – Aquamacs Emacs – Apple iLife – Apple iWork –
  • Windows: – ClamWin – AVG Free – IZArc – Programmer&#8217-s NotePad – IrFanView – ListGarden – Core FTP – WinAMP – Real – Cube Explorer –
  • Cross-Platform: – Java – Skype – Mozilla FireFox – Opera – Chrome – Apple Safari – GreaseMonkey for FireFox – Mozilla ThunderBird – RSS Owl – Adobe PDF Reader –  VLC – Apple QuickTime – Audacity – GIMP – Inkscape – Blender – Open Office – Kompozer – Nvu – R – Vdrift –

UPDATE: Chris Hibbert lists his favorite software packages for Macintosh in the comment area. (I used his tips to update the listing above.)

INSIDERs STORY: The insightful strategic business report about The Evil Empire that Henry Berg does not want you to see

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The best thing I read this Friday morning.

Don&#8217-t you love the Web? Blogging employees can rat on their boss &#8212-for our information or entertainment.

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The best presentations from the worlds best conference on enterprise prediction markets -ever

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Awesome slides in bold.

Brought to you by Koleman Strumpf (circa November 2007):

Henry Berg, Microsoft &lt-slides&gt-
Discussant: Robin Hanson (George Mason Department of Economics) &lt-slides&gt-

Christina Ann LaComb, GE (The Imagination Market- abstract is free, text is gated) &lt-slides&gt-
Discussant: Marco Ottaviani (Kellogg School of Management, Management and Strategy) &lt-slides&gt-

Dawn Keller, Best Buy (Best Buy’s TAGTRADE Market) &lt-slides&gt-

Bo Cowgill, Google (Putting Crowd Wisdom to Work) &lt-slides&gt-

Jim Lavoie, Co-Founder and CEO, Rite-Solutions &lt-slides&gt-

David Perry, Co-Founder and President, Consensus Point &lt-slides&gt-

Mat Fogarty, Founder and CEO, Xpree Inc &lt-slides&gt-

Tom W. Bell, Chapman University School of Law &lt-slides&gt-

50% of our prediction market luminaries have a MacBook.

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Right-click this link, open it in another browser tab, and you&#8217-ll get why.

[Jed’s observation.]

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