Do the top brass really tell everything to the trading employees? Do the EPM traders have access to all the primary indicators?

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Prediction markets: the future of decision-making – Companies are now making business decisions based on information employees provide via internal trading systems. – The Times of London – 2008-09-04

&#8220-We use them [“them” = the enterprise prediction markets] as another point in the decision-making process, alongside asking experts and other business leaders,&#8221- said Christina LaComb, a computer scientist in the R&amp-D lab at GE.

OK. You&#8217-re using enterprise prediction markets- you&#8217-ve gotten your name in the newspapers- you&#8217-re &#8220-cool&#8221-.

And our good friend David Perry&#8217-s gotten your money.

But do your event derivative traders have the same access as you do to &#8220-experts&#8221- and other &#8220-business leaders&#8221-?

Or do you leave them in the dark? In that case, your enterprise prediction markets would be clueless, useless, and worthless.

The best presentations from the worlds best conference on enterprise prediction markets -ever

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Awesome slides in bold.

Brought to you by Koleman Strumpf (circa November 2007):

Henry Berg, Microsoft &lt-slides&gt-
Discussant: Robin Hanson (George Mason Department of Economics) &lt-slides&gt-

Christina Ann LaComb, GE (The Imagination Market- abstract is free, text is gated) &lt-slides&gt-
Discussant: Marco Ottaviani (Kellogg School of Management, Management and Strategy) &lt-slides&gt-

Dawn Keller, Best Buy (Best Buy’s TAGTRADE Market) &lt-slides&gt-

Bo Cowgill, Google (Putting Crowd Wisdom to Work) &lt-slides&gt-

Jim Lavoie, Co-Founder and CEO, Rite-Solutions &lt-slides&gt-

David Perry, Co-Founder and President, Consensus Point &lt-slides&gt-

Mat Fogarty, Founder and CEO, Xpree Inc &lt-slides&gt-

Tom W. Bell, Chapman University School of Law &lt-slides&gt-