Do the top brass really tell everything to the trading employees? Do the EPM traders have access to all the primary indicators?

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Prediction markets: the future of decision-making – Companies are now making business decisions based on information employees provide via internal trading systems. – The Times of London – 2008-09-04

&#8220-We use them [“them” = the enterprise prediction markets] as another point in the decision-making process, alongside asking experts and other business leaders,&#8221- said Christina LaComb, a computer scientist in the R&amp-D lab at GE.

OK. You&#8217-re using enterprise prediction markets- you&#8217-ve gotten your name in the newspapers- you&#8217-re &#8220-cool&#8221-.

And our good friend David Perry&#8217-s gotten your money.

But do your event derivative traders have the same access as you do to &#8220-experts&#8221- and other &#8220-business leaders&#8221-?

Or do you leave them in the dark? In that case, your enterprise prediction markets would be clueless, useless, and worthless.