Wikipedia-style collective Intelligence didnt kill Google Web Search.

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I blogged about how Wikipedia killed Encarta (the encyclopedia published by MicroSoft).

Today, here&#8217-s a report on the demise of Wikia &#8212-a search engine partially powered by human input (a la Wikipedia), and co-founded by Jimmy Wales. The Wired article lists all the search engine startups (Snap, PowerSet, Cuil, etc.) that miserably failed to dent into Google&#8217-s de facto monopoly.

2 thoughts on “Wikipedia-style collective Intelligence didnt kill Google Web Search.

  1. Mike Linksvayer said:

    It was only a matter of time for Encarta. The most interesting tidbit I read following that announcement is that Encarta itself seriously damaged Britannica long before Wikipedia existed.

    I don’t think the Wikia Search (just one product of Wikia) shutdown says much about Google’s dominance. WS could very well have carved out a profitable search niche that would not have been at all noticeable to Google.

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