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Google&#8217-s Matt Cutts answers my SEO question:

On your blog (, why did you switch from to ? Has this to do with how PageRank flows within a site?

InTrade has a higher PageRank than BetFair. No change.

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Google has just updated its external PageRank servers. (The PageRank is updated internally in a continuous way, but Google updates its external servers once a quarter or so.)

InTrade is 7/10. BetFair 6/10. HSX 6/10. HubDub 6/10.

– BetFair&#8217-s blog (Betting @ BetFair) is 5/10, proving, once again, that it is a mediocre publication run by mediocre people. BetFair&#8217-s second blog (BetFair Predicts) is 4/10. Midas Oracle is 6/10.

For the record, the goal to attain (for both exchanges and publications) is 7/10.

Google PageRank of Prediction Exchange Sites and Prediction Market Blogs

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Just a short note for the webmasters of prediction exchange websites or the independent bloggers out there:

Google is refreshing its PageRank system, this week. (More exactly, Google is refreshing the user interface of its PageRank system. The PR system itself is actually refreshed continuously.)

– Check to see whether your site has gained or lost PR. Best wishes to you. (Midas Oracle seems to stay at 6 / 10.)

– Check on many datacenters, and more than just one time, because the change is made gradually thru the many datacenters. Don&#8217-t be fooled by one datacenter that would not be up to date, yet.

  • Self SEO — (IP to server lookup — Google Page Rank Checker — Google Pagerank Prediction Tool) —
  • iWeb Tool — (Reverse IP / Look-up — PageRank Checker — PageRank Prediction) —
  • PageRank Calculator —
  • Webmaster Tools – (PageRank Checker – Google PageRank Prediction) —

InTrade has surpassed BetFair and TradeSports (and the Iowa Electronic Markets, too).

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InTrade&#8217-s PageRank is now 7 / 10 &#8212-while all the other major prediction market firms are at 6 / 10.

  1. It shows that the prediction market approach is paying off. Do provide journalist-friendly objective probabilistic predictions (expressed in percentages &#8211-not those fucking decimal odds), and the media will link to you, thanks to all the free-market economists who love your model and act as unpaid publicists for you. Make sure your website can resist under heavy traffic loads on Election Day, and during the occasional days where important news break. Then, milk out all this free publicity. Run registration ads allover your exchange website to attract new traders. Make money. Invest in IT &#8212-but don&#8217-t let the IT maniacs complicate your prediction exchange too much (as BetFair did).
  2. Long-term, the InTrade model (based on the prediction market approach) should be more profitable, in theory. Because of legal impediment, InTrade is not as profitable as it should be, alas.

Google PageRank of the main Prediction Market Consultants

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Inking Markets and NewsFutures are graded 6 / 10.

Consensus Point and Xpree are graded 5 / 10.

My great friend David Perry of Consensus Point is making a strategic mistake by insisting on discretion and secrecy.

I told him 10 times.

To no avail.

Pissing in a violin in order to create a symphony would have been more fruitful.

PageRank is important.

One day, we will learn in the Wall Street Journal that a Fortune-500 CEO is fired by the board for a low PageRank.

That will happen one day- you will see.

The Prediction Market Consultants

Google now considers Midas Oracle as a major blog.

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The Google PageRank of Midas Oracle is now: 6 / 10.

Midas Oracle is the only prediction market blog to reach that high mark.

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