How to download Michael Masnicks The Economics Of Abundance

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How to download Michael Masnick&#8217-s The Economics Of Abundance. Scroll down this page.

How to download Michael Masnick&#8217-s short film, &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221-:

[*] Here are some other means to download any video to your hard drive:

[**] Video Download Helper:

  • &#8220-HQ 22&#8243- = HD MP4 file
  • &#8220-HQ 18&#8243- = MP4 file
  • &#8220-HQ 35&#8243- = FLV file

Nota Bene: If you don&#8217-t see &#8220-HQ 22&#8243- or &#8220-HQ 18&#8243- in the scrolling list of &#8220-Video Download Helper&#8221-, don&#8217-t hesitate to reload the YouTube page- it should work the second time. If this fails, then use &#8220-Easy YouTube Video Download&#8221-, instead. If this fails too, use the GreaseMonkey script. If this fails too, then download the FLV file, and convert it into an MP4 file.

Translation: Download &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221- film = Descargar &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221- pelicula = Herunterladen &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221- film = Telecharger film &#8220-THE ECONOMICS OF ABUNDANCE&#8221-





Mike Linksvayer *himself* is to blame for the non-liquidity of his Wikipedia prediction markets.

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Mike Linksvayer:

Prior to the Wikipedia community vote on adopting CC BY-SA it crossed my mind to set up several play money prediction market contracts concerning the above outcomes conditioned on Wikipedia adopting CC BY-SA by August 1, 2009, for which I did set up a contract. It is just as well that I didn’t — or rather if I had, I would have had to heavily promote all of the contracts in order to stimulate any play trading — the basic adoption contract at this point hasn’t budged from 56% since the vote results were announced, which means nobody is paying attention to the contract on Hubdub.

Blame yourself, Mike. I blogged 10 times about the concept of &#8220-X group&#8221- &#8212-the symbiosis between a set of prediction markets and a set of bloggers.


What prediction markets can learn from Twitter – REDUX

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S-I-M-P-L-I-C-I-T-Y + C-U-S-T-O-M-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N

Twitter is a very simplistic core. Around that core is a whole ecosystem that adds value to Twitter. You have a large choice of &#8220-Twitter clients&#8221-, and there are plenty of websites out there that complement the basic Twitter service.

It is the anti-BetFair case. The future prediction exchanges will be built around a simplistic core, and there will be plenty of add-ons and complimentary services &#8212-all of which will be optional, so as not to scare off the newbies.

The (new) Internet business models

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This is the latest addition in our series about how to make money on the Web by giving out free content to get access to people and get their attention&#8230- and selling them something valuable with the other hand. So, here&#8217-s Michael Masnik. While you watch it, do download the files in MP4 using Video Download Helper, so that you can re-watch them later on on your own, when you are disconnected from the Internet.

If your feed reader doesn&#8217-t show you the 4 embedded videos below, then download this post.

If your feed reader doesn&#8217-t show you the 4 embedded videos above, then download this post.

PS: Deep apology to the Linux users. I don&#8217-t think they can view the videos. I will make up to you.

UPDATE: Mike Linksvayer:

The videos play fine on Linux, assuming the right (patent encumbered) codecs are installed, as they are on most systems. The silly interface wants you to use an officious quicktime install more than it wants you to watch the videos. So one just has to access the videos directly &#8212-

Connect With Fans (CwF) + Reason To Buy (RtB) = The Business Model ($$$$)

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Trent Reznor (the leader of Nine Inch Nails) offers his music for free on the Internet. He manages to make money selling concerts and merchandising products thanks to the community of fans he has empowered on his website. He does this using all the Web 2.0 tools you can think of. Wired has an extensive reporting on it, which you should bookmark and read it in whole when you have 5 minutes, later today or later this week. Even though most of you, my readers, don&#8217-t work in the music industry, the marketing concepts and actions exposed in this article are relevant to your business &#8212-they are relevant to any business (including the prediction market industry).

Previously: MO

External: Mike Masnik + CC + YouTube

How to join Midas Oracle -and why.

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How To Become A Midas Oracle Author

The Uniqueness Of Midas Oracle

  1. We publish the best mutant ideas.
  2. We link out a lot to external resources.

How To Join Us

#1. We are interested in recruiting you as a volunteer, if you have an interest in prediction markets (and collective intelligence). Be sure to read and understand (:-D ) the ABOUT, MISSION, CODE OF CONDUCT, and TERMS OF USE webpages. Guest blogging on Midas Oracle can help you get traffic to your website and increase its PageRank.

#2. You may either register yourself as a comment author, disclosing your full name (or not), or send your application (as a comment author or as a post/page author) to Chris Masse &#8212-see our CONTACT page. When you register, do create your account using your first name and last name, such as &#8220-john-doe&#8221-. The login is at the bottom of the sidebar.

#3. Registered members of Midas Oracle will receive an e-mail newsletter once in a while &#8212-only when important circumstances warrant. (There are e-mail options on your profile page, inside the Midas Oracle system, which allows you to opt out of mass e-mails, if you really need to.)

#4. To have your status upgraded from comment author to post/page author, contact Chris Masse.

#5. To have your name removed from Midas Oracle, send your resignation to the blog administrator (Chris Masse), and he will delete your profile from the blog database.

How To Publish Your Ideas On Midas Oracle

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