Midas Oracle is thankful for P2 – a new WordPress theme (a.k.a., blog layout) that smoothes the reading and writing of comments.

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On the frontpage and on the tag/category pages, the comments will appear listed below the post. No need to download the post to read the (favorable or unfavorable) comments.

If you are a registered user and have just logged in, you can comment directly on the frontpage or on the tag/category pages. No need to open the post to publish your own comment.

– I will be finessing the sidebar and the pages in the coming days. Patience, please. Contact me if you spot an horrific bug that prevents you from digesting your Thanksgiving turkey.

Addendum: WordPress&#8217-s P2

UPDATE: P2 is out. It sucked too much of the server resources.

Lets use Google Wave to interact with all the prediction market fanboys.

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  1. chrisfmasse
  2. ++++++AT++++++
  3. googlewave
  4. )))DOT(((
  5. -com-

I am trying to learn how to use Google Wave. First impression: Very weird.

For the Google Wave invite, I thank Martin Frindt of http://www.crowdpark.de/.

UPDATE: Jed says I will get the invite wave in a few days. Patience. I will then be able to invite friends of mine.

Google Search has sent 75,674 people to Midas Oracle since June 2009.

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Google Search has sent 1,271 people to Midas Oracle yesterday alone. &#8211- (2,577 pageviews, yesterday, fyi)

An excerpt of the historical chart regarding the Google Search traffic sent to Midas Oracle (I enlarged the time period so you can see the 2008 US Election Day spike):


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Who tell you the truth about the prediction markets? -> Midas Oracle.

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– Look at Jed&#8217-s post and the 4 comments below his post: &#8220-CrowdClarity is magic, and the prediction markets are magic.&#8220- &#8212- {Surprise, surprise: All those people but one are selling prediction market services. &#8211-&gt- $$$}

– The only people who have a deep analysis are on Midas Oracle: &#8220-Unless we know why the prediction markets were successful at CrowdClarity, it is hard to get excited. There are too many examples of prediction markets that are not significantly better than traditional forecasting methods. This one could be a fluke.&#8221-

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Please, be my friend on FaceBook.

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Our good friend George Tziralis has 505 friends on FaceBook.

Our good friend Mike Linksvayer has 762.

I have only 61.

I feel ridiculous. I am sure people laugh at me in my back about that low number. I need to have at least 100 friends. Help me.

P.S.: I have been focusing more on my LinkedIn network. See the sidebar for all our PM networking links.