Prediction markets are already on the iPad via Safari (Apples web browser). Native apps to come? – [VIDEO]

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PC Mag reviews the iPad:

WSJ&#8216-s Walt Mossberg is very positive (&#8220-IT IS *NOT* A BIG IPHONE&#8221-, &#8220-IT IS A ROBUST GENERAL-PURPOSE COMPUTER&#8221-):

Download this post to watch the 2 videos if your feed reader does not show them to you.

ABC reviews the iPad.

Wired reviews the iPad.

Mike Arrington&#8217-s review of the iPad.

Apple videos of the iPad.


Multi-tasking&#8230- soon.




Using iPad without a computer.

No Flash. Bye bye Flash. More.

Web apps versus native apps.

iPad, not a real computer.

More on TechMeme.

BetFair App for the iPhone and the iPad -> BetFair Rattle

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As I understand it, BetFair has one iPhone App for the British bettors (only).

And they&#8217-ve just released a new one (BetFair Rattle), also only for the UK Apple App Store.



BETFAIR, the world&#8217-s biggest online sports betting company, has released a nifty new application for football fans to compete against each other in order to make their club the most supported on the iPhone.

The &#8216-app-tly&#8217- named Betfair Rattle provides a quick and easy interface for fans to check fixtures and then turn their phone into a rattle with which to back their side. Support for a particular team increases according to how much fans shake their phones before the match kicks-off.

In time, Betfair hopes to release a Betfair Rattle league table, so if you&#8217-re sitting bottom of the Premier League and have lost 10 in a row your team can still get three points at the weekend if you get your rattle out. For instance, Portsmouth fans will be glad to know they got three points at Anfield last night, even if they don&#8217-t have the bragging rights in real life.

Betfair&#8217-s Mobile Manager Richard Hewitt said: &#8220-First and foremost we wanted to create something where fans compete against each other to show support for their teams, but we also wanted to provide something that was genuinely useful by making sure it was the most simple way of checking upcoming fixtures on the iPhone.

&#8220-So many apps are slow and clunky when all a user wants is the information there and then, and that&#8217-s what this app provides.

&#8220-Above all else though, it&#8217-s a bit of fun and we hope football fans across the country will be seen shaking their iPhones at stadiums around the country come 2:55pm every Saturday.&#8221-

To download the app go to:

In the universe of Steve Jobs, personal vision trumps the wisdom of the crowd. Hes ready when he thinks were ready.

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New York Times:

Great products, according to Mr. Jobs, are triumphs of “taste.” And taste, he explains, is a byproduct of study, observation and being steeped in the culture of the past and present, of “trying to expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then bring those things into what you are doing.”

His is not a product-design philosophy steered by committee or determined by market research. The Jobs formula, say colleagues, relies heavily on tenacity, patience, belief and instinct. He gets deeply involved in hardware and software design choices, which await his personal nod or veto.

I am filing this post in the &#8220-INDIVIDUAL INTELLIGENCE &#8211- ANTI CONSENSUS&#8221- category (opposing the &#8220-COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE &#8211- WISDOM OF CROWDS&#8221- category) &#8212-following a remark I made privately to David Pennock, Mike Giberson and Mike Linksvayer.

Apple iPad

It is not an iTablet or iSlate &#8212- it is an iPad (in between an iPhone and a Macintosh laptop).

More photos. Here too. And here.

UPDATE: One thing bothers me. Apple iPad doesn&#8217-t compute Flash, and so you can&#8217-t view YouTube videos on the Safari browser &#8212-but there&#8217-s a YouTube app, I am told. Humm&#8230-

UPDATE: Link to the recorded event.

The Apple Tablet looks like a bigger iPhone that sports an awesome UI packed in a beautiful 10.1-inch screen.

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&#8220-The tablet combines the functions of both netbook and kindle, an ebook reader. It has virtual keyboard for text entry and a webcam for video conferencing.&#8221-

More info at TechMeme

Is Apple becoming evil? – Jason Calacanis vs Guy Kawasaki

External Links: Paul Graham&#8217-s criticism of Apple + Phil Schiller Grants Interview About Apple’s App Store, Claims Devs Actually Like Approval Process. + The BusinessWeek interview + iPhone developers are stupid.

Why Google don’t want to hire research scientist David Pennock

A recruiter who left Google last year says that the company [= Google] had maintained a “do not touch” list of companies including Genentech and Yahoo, whose employees were not to be wooed to the Internet search giant.

That revelation could be significant in light of this week’s disclosure that the U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether Google, Yahoo, Apple, Genentech and other tech companies conspired to keep others from stealing their top talent. […]