Apple iPad

It is not an iTablet or iSlate &#8212- it is an iPad (in between an iPhone and a Macintosh laptop).

More photos. Here too. And here.

UPDATE: One thing bothers me. Apple iPad doesn&#8217-t compute Flash, and so you can&#8217-t view YouTube videos on the Safari browser &#8212-but there&#8217-s a YouTube app, I am told. Humm&#8230-

UPDATE: Link to the recorded event.

3 thoughts on “Apple iPad

  1. Niall O'Connor said:

    Is Midas Oracle still available on the tablet then?

  2. Chris F. Masse said:

    It looks like the iPad is a giant Safari (Apple’s browser).

    My second observation is that the iPad seems to be a leisure-oriented, multimedia, tactile computer. Like a giant iPod Touch. It might not be a computer we would use for business.

    Just my first thoughts.

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