Betchas Continuing Legal Struggles

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You can keep up with the news about Betcha, the Seattle-based betting platform suffering the continued attentions of the Washington State Gambling Commission through the Betcha blog.

Founder Nicolas Jenkins has the latest update: Now We Know Why That Search Warrant Came So Easy:

We just found out yesterday that &#8212- surprise! &#8212- the Commission wasn&#8217-t exactly forthcoming with the judge when it applied for the warrant. In its answer to our complaint, the Commission admitted that, when it made its application to Judge Paula Casey, it did not mention that we had filed suit against it the day before. In the answer they referred to it as an &#8220-alleged suit,&#8221- but it&#8217-s hard to see what was &#8220-alleged&#8221- about it. I was at the Commission&#8217-s office when our counsel handed Deputy Commissioner Sharon Reese a copy of the complaint, and we notified her again later in the day by e-mail that we had filed it.

Also recently recently posted: Now Louisiana Wants Us &#8212- For Seventy Cents.

Jenkins said that he has heard that the state of Louisiana has filed arrest warrants for him and two of his employees, and is seeking extradition to Louisiana. As of the posting the specific charges were unknown, but he speculates the allegations concern the state&#8217-s law against &#8220-gambling by computer.&#8221- Jenkins comments in response that the Louisiana law won&#8217-t apply to Betcha for the same reason that the Washington law doesn&#8217-t: the Betcha service doesn&#8217-t meet the legal requirements for gambling.

As it turns out, Jenkins reports that in the 30 days the betting platform was in operation, it took exactly 4 bets from a single Louisiana resident. Revenue after Betcha&#8217-s promotional credits? 70 cents.

The Louisiana Gambling by Computer law is available from the website of the state legislature.

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UKs super casino: Manchester rejoices; Blackpool is disapointed.

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Blackpool Today:

&#8220-Blackpool had the best case, proved it and still lost&#8221- is a sentiment shared by a town in shock at the decision to award the lucrative prize to Manchester. Our North West neighbours were, said the CAP, the best bet on all counts &#8211- for helping assist regeneration of a poor district and as the social impact test bed for Las Vegas-style glitz and gambling. Not so, say MPs, council leaders and Gazette readers who today made an 11th hour appeal to Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell to think again ahead of the crucial Parliamentary vote on the matter.

The City of Paris, too, had the best case in bidding for hosting the 2012 Olympics &#8212-it lost to London. The error (or &#8220-bias&#8221-?) is to think that small, secretive committees only judge on merits.

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&#8211-&gt- Beware event derivatives whose expiry is based on the decision of a group of people&#8230- you know close to nothing about. (((Psstt&#8230- I will talk to you, later on, about&#8230- event derivatives whose expiry is based on the decision of a group of people&#8230- you know everything about. Ha! ha! ha! I&#8217-m serious. It&#8217-s the high end of my concept of X Groups.)))