History of BetFair, from the concept to the startup -in Andrew Black and Edward Wrays own words

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I already linked to it, but you should re-read the 2008 TIME interview of BetFair&#8217-s two founders.

Awesome literature, if you are an entrepreneur.

Take 10 minutes today to read that.

BetFair co-founder Ed Wray laments the suppression of UKs tax incentive for startup entrepreneurs.

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BetFair chairman Ed Wray: &#8220-Too many hurdles in the way of enterprise&#8221-.

Wray refers to a tax incentive that he and Black used to launch Betfair after they were forced to go to friends and family for funds, having failed to raise capital from institutional investors.

&#8220-That was very useful in terms of getting the business off the ground. Everything I see now is about cutting back on those opportunities.&#8221-