Every investment in film is gambling.

A Case for Movie Futures &#8211- by Buzz Potamkin, former studio executive and producer, in the biz for 40+ years, now a consultant

Felix Salmons hastily written NYT Op-Ed about the Cantor Exchange and MDEX

You will learn nothing.

Watch the US House video instead. You will have more facts and more arguments.

UPDATE: Mike Giberson has a remark on Felix&#8217-s piece.

Robin Hanson bores his students with Futarchy. -> He is asked to apply his concept to Himself.

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A commenter on his blog (Bill):

Why not experiment at GMU?

Have the students run the university using Futarchy principals. They pick the goals, then you use markets.

You can even start on a smaller scale, a class.

Report back on your experiment.

Max Keiser: Cantor Exchange and Media Derivatives Exchange would be an insiders/traderss paradise.

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Max Keiser &#8211- 12:00 into (17,000 views already):

I disagree with Max that a prediction market quote can change perceptions that much.

What the Cantor Exchange (HSX) and the Media Derivatives Exchange (MDEX) really said to the US Congress about movie futures (a.k.a. box-office derivatives) – [VIDEO]

House Committee Agriculture @ US House Of Representatives:

Download this post to watch the video if your feed reader does not show it to you.

&#8211-> Prof Schuyler Moore mentions InTrade 1:35 into.

Via Paul Bleier on FaceBook.


The URLs of the UKs General Election 2010

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Gordon Brown&#8217-s gaffe (&#8220-bigoted woman&#8221-, Gillian Duffy):

Cantor Exchange and Trend Exchange defend the usefulness of movie hedging.

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Lions Gate vice chairman Michael Burns said the marketswould allow a diverse group of motion picture industry participants, including studios, film distributors, theater owners, investors and other financial intermediaries within the motion picture industry to manage their risk and exposure to new film releases.&#8221-

“We believe a market in domestic box office receipts would substantially widen the number and breadth of financing sources available to the motion picture industry by lowering the risk inherent in such financing,” Burns wrote.

Robin Hanson is in favor of movie business futures.


– &#8220-Geithner also rejected the ban on creating a movie futures market, saying you don&#8217-t want &#8216-Washington bureaucrats&#8217- stifling innovation.&#8221-

– Jason Ruspini sends us the link of the Senate bill.

CFTC approves the Cantor Exchange, but wont approve its movie box-office prediction markets.

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CFTC has approved the Cantor Exchange&#8230-

&#8230-but won&#8217-t approve its movie box-office prediction markets.