Important reminder for those interested in the Open Institute Of Prediction Markets

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Do become a member of our LinkedIn group on Prediction Markets, today.

we are now 173.

More information here.

Tonite, I will send an out e-mail to 2 or 3 persons to ask them, if they are kind enough, to review the mission statement of the Open Institute Of Prediction Markets and give me feedback. Many prediction market people and prediction market companies already told me that the concept is very &#8220-interesting&#8221-. It is a good start.

P.S. It won&#8217-t be called the &#8220-Open Institute Of Prediction Markets&#8221-, actually. (You think I am stupid enough to tell all publicly?)

Our prediction market network at LinkedIn

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1. How To Join Us

  • From within LinkedIn, FaceBook, or Google Reader / Google Mail, send me an invite and I&#8217-ll accept it.
  • I can introduce you to another member of our business network. Just ask me (Chris Masse), and I&#8217-ll do.
  • You are also invited to join the Prediction Markets group at LinkedIn.
  • [As for joining Midas Oracle as a commenter or poster, see this other webpage.]

2. LinkedIn Network

The Prediction Markets group at LinkedIn.

Chris Masse&#8217-s network at LinkedIn.

Our Prediction Market People – (from the two networks listed just above)

– Bernd Ankenbrand (Gexid Manager)

– Maurice Balick (NewsFutures CTO)

– Pierluigi Buccioli (Entrepreneur and Betting Exchange Trader- Owner of Bookmakers Review)

– Jason Carver (Entrepreneur and Engineer)

– Yiling Chen (Professor at Harvard University)

– Norris Clark (Vice-President of Sales at NewsFutures)

– Tyler Cowen (Economics Professor at George Mason University)

– Bo Cowgill (Quantitative Marketing Manager at Google)

– Eric Crampton (Senior Lecturer at University of Canterbury)

– Noam Danon (Qmarkets CEO and Founder)

– Pedro Da Cunha (Exago Markets CEO)

– John Delaney (InTrade CEO)

– Juan Manuel Ducler (Founder, / Trader &amp- Financial Consultant)

– Nigel Eccles (HudDub CEO)

– Leslie Fine (VP of Market Design at Xpree)

– Matthew Fogarty (Prediction Market Consultant – Xpree CEO and Founder)

– Lance Fortnow (Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University)

– Nick Garner (SEO / PPC / Search Manager at BetFair)

– Cedric Gaspoz (Research and Teaching Assistant at University of Lausanne)

– Michael Giberson (Energy Economist at Texas Tech University)

– Sean Glass (Founder, Chairman, Chief Strategy Officer at Pikum Holdings)

– Andrew Goldberg (Intern at Media Law Resource Center)

– Robin Hanson (Professor of Economics at George Mason University)

– Tim Harford (Journalist at The Financial Times)

– Chris Hibbert (Software Architect, Project Lead at Zocalo)

– Donna Hoffman (Professor and Co-Director, Sloan Center for Internet Retailing)

– Panagiotis Ipeirotis (Assistant Professor at New York University)

– Max Keiser (Entrepreneur, Journalist, Co-Founder of the Hollywood Stock Exchange)

– Alex Kirtland (User Experience Consultant)

– Ken Kittlitz (Software Architect, Foresight Exchange, Consensus Point)

– Greg Knaddison (Developer and Sys Admin for PingVision)

– Nathan Kontny (Inkling Markets CTO)

– Kriss Monaco (Director of New Product Development at International Securities Exchange)

– Dean LeBaron (Independent Investment Management Professional)

– Heidi Levin (Director of Business Development at Inkling Markets)

– Mike Linksvayer (Vice-President of Creative Commons)

– Rory Mackay ( Co-Founder and Owner)

– Chris. F. Masse (Founder and President of Midas Oracle)

– Tracy Mullen (Penn State Professor of Information Technology)

– Jesper Muller-Krogstrup (Managing Director of Nosco)

– David Pennock (Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo!)

– David Perry (Consensus Point President and Co-Founder)

– Daniel Reeves (Yahoo! Research Scientist)

– Steve Roman (Financial Analyst at FXCM)

– Jason Ruspini (Financial Research Analyst, Vice President at Conquest Capital Group)

– Mike Sankowski (Product Development and Market Operations Manager at US Futures Exchange)

– Emile Servan-Schreiber (NewsFutures CEO and Co-Founder)

– Brian Shiau (The Sim Exchange CEO and Founder)

– Adam Siegel (Inkling Markets CEO and Co-Founder)

– Ashish Singal (Capital Markets Professional)

– Erik Snowberg (Assistant Professor of Economics and Political Science at California Institute of Technology)

– Brad Stewart (Reality Markets Founder)

– Brent Stinski (Media Predict CEO and Founder)

– Karim Tahawi (MyCurrency Founder)

– Jason Trost (Co-Founder of Smarkets)

– George Tziralis (Doctoral Researcher at National Technical University of Athens, Co-Founder of AskMarkets)

– Robert Wilburn (Rimdex CEO and Founder)

– Gerry Wilson (YooNew CEO and Co-Founder)

– Justin Wolfers (Professor of Business and Public Policy at the University of Pennsylvania)

– Matt Youill (Chief Technologist at Betfair)

– David Yu (BetFair CEO, Former CTO and COO of BetFair)

– Eric Zitzewitz (Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College)

– Plus, many, many more&#8230-

Other Prediction Market People At LinkedIn

– Russell Andersson (Chief Operating Officer, Third Ave Beach)

– Paul Architzel (Counsel at Alston &amp- Bird)

– Adrian Asher (Global Head of Security at BetFair)

– Henry Berg (Group Manager on Information Markets at Microsoft)

– Matt Carter (Director of the Advanced Technology Group at BetFair)

– Alexander Costakis (Managing Director of Hollywood Stock Exchange)

– Jonathan Cumberlege (Former Director of Registrations &amp- Payments at BetFair)

– Mark Davies (Managing Director of Corporate Affairs of BetFair)

– Mike Dooley (Vice-President of Engineering at NewsFutures)

– Sean Dunbar (Former Head of Technology at Hollywood Stock Exchange)

– Mathias Entenmann (Exchange Managing Director of BetFair)

– Brian Galebach (Freelance Computer Programmer and Owner of Probability Sports)

– Carol Gebert (Former Founder at Incentive Markets)

– Christian Hellmers (Director of US Business Development of BetFair)

– David Jack (TradeFair Director)

– Nicholas Jenkins (Owner of

– Ajit Kambil (Global Director at Deloitte Research)

– Alam Kasenally (Xpree CTO)

– Dawn Tevekelian Keller (Director, Services Business Group &amp- Prediction Markets at Best Buy)

– Amy Lamare (Former Operations and Content at the Hollywood Stock Exchange)

– Heidi Levin (Director of Business Development at Inkling Markets)

– Robin Marks (Head of Media at BetFair)

– Hunter Morris (Co-Founder of Smarkets)

– George Neumann (Professor of Economics And Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences at the University of Iowa, Co-Founder of the Iowa Electronic Markets)

– Sean Park (Founding Partner at Sixth Paradigm)

– Todd Proebsting (Director at Microsoft, Former Group Manager on Information Markets at Microsoft)

– Don Reynolds (Site Administrator at NewsFutures)

– Felix Salmon (Financial Journalist at Portfolio)

– Bimal Shah (Product Manager at TradeFair)

– Martin Spann (Professor at the University of Passau)

– Will Speck (Director Business Development &amp- Market Research at Financial Times &amp-

– Martin Thompson (Engineering Director at TradeFair)

– Geoffrey Tso (Engineering Manager at Xpree)

– Andrew Twaits (Corporate and Business Affairs Director of BetFair Australia)

– Mark Wood (Head of Programme at TradeFair0

– Plus, many, many more&#8230-

3. FaceBook Network

Chris Masse&#8217-s network at FaceBook.

Our Prediction Market People

– Maurice Balick

– Caveat Bettor

– Bo Cowgill

– Nigel Eccles

– Mat Fogarty

– Robin Hanson

– Tim Harford

– Panos Ipeirotis

– Max Keiser

– Greg Knaddison

– Mike Linksvayer

– Chris. F. Masse

– David Pennock

– Marc Rose

– Jason Ruspini

– Emile Servan-Schreiber

– Erik Snowberg

– Jason Trost

– George Tziralis

– Justin Wolfers

– Plus, many, many more&#8230-

4. Google Network

– To share feed items with me (Chris Masse) within Google Reader, go to GMail, click on &#8220-Add Contact&#8221-. Paste my e-mail address there (chrisfmasse +++at&#8212- gmail +dot&#8212- com). Once I receive your invite, I&#8217-ll accept it.

– Alternatively, send me your GMail e-mail address, and I will activate the relationship.

– You will then see my shared items and I&#8217-ll see yours within Google Reader.

– Don&#8217-t worry, you can hide me later on, if you don&#8217-t like what I share. Just put your mouse cursor on my name on the list, &#8220-HIDE&#8221- appears, and click on it, and you won&#8217-t hear from me anymore.

– I share only the very good stuff on politics (facts + opinions, but coming from multiple horizons, not only from one camp), information technology, business, marketing, finance, prediction markets, etc.

Chris Masse&#8217-s Shared Feed Items at Google Reader

We are now 100 members of the Prediction Markets group at LinkedIn, and that includes InTrade CEO John Delaney and many other prediction market luminaries (scholars like Eric Zitzewitz or David Pennock and practitioners like Nigel Eccles, David Perry or Adam Siegel). So, when Robin Hanson emerges ou

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Join us today.

Don&#8217-t forget to tell LinkedIn to show the groups you belong to on your profile &#8212-that&#8217-s the damn purpose (to get the web visitors to navigate from one profile to another from within the prediction market community).

By default, the groups are not visible on your profile. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THAT OPTION. Do it now. Hurry up. (What? It&#8217-s not done, already? What are you waiting for?)

Mine is 2.6 times longer than John Delaneys one.

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YOU SHOULD READ: My list of LinkedIn connections is 2.6 times longer than John Delaney&#8217-s one. I have 101- he has only 38. Pfff&#8230- He is so behind. He&#8217-ll never catch up.

Do join the &#8220-Prediction Markets&#8221- group at LinkedIn.

A good resume, in the field of prediction markets, should mention and link to Midas Oracle, of course. You, too, could be part of the gang. Join us today.

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Last year, nobody would give the first fig about a &#8220-Michael Giberson&#8221-. He was insignificant. Now, with the orbital price of oil, Mike becomes hot, all of the sudden. I hope he&#8217-ll mind some energy prediction markets, one day, when he has time.

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