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1. How To Join Us

  • From within LinkedIn, FaceBook, or Google Reader / Google Mail, send me an invite and I&#8217-ll accept it.
  • I can introduce you to another member of our business network. Just ask me (Chris Masse), and I&#8217-ll do.
  • You are also invited to join the Prediction Markets group at LinkedIn.
  • [As for joining Midas Oracle as a commenter or poster, see this other webpage.]

2. LinkedIn Network

The Prediction Markets group at LinkedIn.

Chris Masse&#8217-s network at LinkedIn.

Our Prediction Market People – (from the two networks listed just above)

– Bernd Ankenbrand (Gexid Manager)

– Maurice Balick (NewsFutures CTO)

– Pierluigi Buccioli (Entrepreneur and Betting Exchange Trader- Owner of Bookmakers Review)

– Jason Carver (Entrepreneur and Engineer)

– Yiling Chen (Professor at Harvard University)

– Norris Clark (Vice-President of Sales at NewsFutures)

– Tyler Cowen (Economics Professor at George Mason University)

– Bo Cowgill (Quantitative Marketing Manager at Google)

– Eric Crampton (Senior Lecturer at University of Canterbury)

– Noam Danon (Qmarkets CEO and Founder)

– Pedro Da Cunha (Exago Markets CEO)

– John Delaney (InTrade CEO)

– Juan Manuel Ducler (Founder, BestChartsOnline.com / Trader &amp- Financial Consultant)

– Nigel Eccles (HudDub CEO)

– Leslie Fine (VP of Market Design at Xpree)

– Matthew Fogarty (Prediction Market Consultant – Xpree CEO and Founder)

– Lance Fortnow (Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University)

– Nick Garner (SEO / PPC / Search Manager at BetFair)

– Cedric Gaspoz (Research and Teaching Assistant at University of Lausanne)

– Michael Giberson (Energy Economist at Texas Tech University)

– Sean Glass (Founder, Chairman, Chief Strategy Officer at Pikum Holdings)

– Andrew Goldberg (Intern at Media Law Resource Center)

– Robin Hanson (Professor of Economics at George Mason University)

– Tim Harford (Journalist at The Financial Times)

– Chris Hibbert (Software Architect, Project Lead at Zocalo)

– Donna Hoffman (Professor and Co-Director, Sloan Center for Internet Retailing)

– Panagiotis Ipeirotis (Assistant Professor at New York University)

– Max Keiser (Entrepreneur, Journalist, Co-Founder of the Hollywood Stock Exchange)

– Alex Kirtland (User Experience Consultant)

– Ken Kittlitz (Software Architect, Foresight Exchange, Consensus Point)

– Greg Knaddison (Developer and Sys Admin for PingVision)

– Nathan Kontny (Inkling Markets CTO)

– Kriss Monaco (Director of New Product Development at International Securities Exchange)

– Dean LeBaron (Independent Investment Management Professional)

– Heidi Levin (Director of Business Development at Inkling Markets)

– Mike Linksvayer (Vice-President of Creative Commons)

– Rory Mackay (PredictionsMarkets.com Co-Founder and Owner)

– Chris. F. Masse (Founder and President of Midas Oracle)

– Tracy Mullen (Penn State Professor of Information Technology)

– Jesper Muller-Krogstrup (Managing Director of Nosco)

– David Pennock (Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo!)

– David Perry (Consensus Point President and Co-Founder)

– Daniel Reeves (Yahoo! Research Scientist)

– Steve Roman (Financial Analyst at FXCM)

– Jason Ruspini (Financial Research Analyst, Vice President at Conquest Capital Group)

– Mike Sankowski (Product Development and Market Operations Manager at US Futures Exchange)

– Emile Servan-Schreiber (NewsFutures CEO and Co-Founder)

– Brian Shiau (The Sim Exchange CEO and Founder)

– Adam Siegel (Inkling Markets CEO and Co-Founder)

– Ashish Singal (Capital Markets Professional)

– Erik Snowberg (Assistant Professor of Economics and Political Science at California Institute of Technology)

– Brad Stewart (Reality Markets Founder)

– Brent Stinski (Media Predict CEO and Founder)

– Karim Tahawi (MyCurrency Founder)

– Jason Trost (Co-Founder of Smarkets)

– George Tziralis (Doctoral Researcher at National Technical University of Athens, Co-Founder of AskMarkets)

– Robert Wilburn (Rimdex CEO and Founder)

– Gerry Wilson (YooNew CEO and Co-Founder)

– Justin Wolfers (Professor of Business and Public Policy at the University of Pennsylvania)

– Matt Youill (Chief Technologist at Betfair)

– David Yu (BetFair CEO, Former CTO and COO of BetFair)

– Eric Zitzewitz (Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College)

– Plus, many, many more&#8230-

Other Prediction Market People At LinkedIn

– Russell Andersson (Chief Operating Officer, Third Ave Beach)

– Paul Architzel (Counsel at Alston &amp- Bird)

– Adrian Asher (Global Head of Security at BetFair)

– Henry Berg (Group Manager on Information Markets at Microsoft)

– Matt Carter (Director of the Advanced Technology Group at BetFair)

– Alexander Costakis (Managing Director of Hollywood Stock Exchange)

– Jonathan Cumberlege (Former Director of Registrations &amp- Payments at BetFair)

– Mark Davies (Managing Director of Corporate Affairs of BetFair)

– Mike Dooley (Vice-President of Engineering at NewsFutures)

– Sean Dunbar (Former Head of Technology at Hollywood Stock Exchange)

– Mathias Entenmann (Exchange Managing Director of BetFair)

– Brian Galebach (Freelance Computer Programmer and Owner of Probability Sports)

– Carol Gebert (Former Founder at Incentive Markets)

– Christian Hellmers (Director of US Business Development of BetFair)

– David Jack (TradeFair Director)

– Nicholas Jenkins (Owner of Betcha.com)

– Ajit Kambil (Global Director at Deloitte Research)

– Alam Kasenally (Xpree CTO)

– Dawn Tevekelian Keller (Director, Services Business Group &amp- Prediction Markets at Best Buy)

– Amy Lamare (Former Operations and Content at the Hollywood Stock Exchange)

– Heidi Levin (Director of Business Development at Inkling Markets)

– Robin Marks (Head of Media at BetFair)

– Hunter Morris (Co-Founder of Smarkets)

– George Neumann (Professor of Economics And Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences at the University of Iowa, Co-Founder of the Iowa Electronic Markets)

– Sean Park (Founding Partner at Sixth Paradigm)

– Todd Proebsting (Director at Microsoft, Former Group Manager on Information Markets at Microsoft)

– Don Reynolds (Site Administrator at NewsFutures)

– Felix Salmon (Financial Journalist at Portfolio)

– Bimal Shah (Product Manager at TradeFair)

– Martin Spann (Professor at the University of Passau)

– Will Speck (Director Business Development &amp- Market Research at Financial Times &amp- FT.com)

– Martin Thompson (Engineering Director at TradeFair)

– Geoffrey Tso (Engineering Manager at Xpree)

– Andrew Twaits (Corporate and Business Affairs Director of BetFair Australia)

– Mark Wood (Head of Programme at TradeFair0

– Plus, many, many more&#8230-

3. FaceBook Network

Chris Masse&#8217-s network at FaceBook.

Our Prediction Market People

– Maurice Balick

– Caveat Bettor

– Bo Cowgill

– Nigel Eccles

– Mat Fogarty

– Robin Hanson

– Tim Harford

– Panos Ipeirotis

– Max Keiser

– Greg Knaddison

– Mike Linksvayer

– Chris. F. Masse

– David Pennock

– Marc Rose

– Jason Ruspini

– Emile Servan-Schreiber

– Erik Snowberg

– Jason Trost

– George Tziralis

– Justin Wolfers

– Plus, many, many more&#8230-

4. Google Network

– To share feed items with me (Chris Masse) within Google Reader, go to GMail, click on &#8220-Add Contact&#8221-. Paste my e-mail address there (chrisfmasse +++at&#8212- gmail +dot&#8212- com). Once I receive your invite, I&#8217-ll accept it.

– Alternatively, send me your GMail e-mail address, and I will activate the relationship.

– You will then see my shared items and I&#8217-ll see yours within Google Reader.

– Don&#8217-t worry, you can hide me later on, if you don&#8217-t like what I share. Just put your mouse cursor on my name on the list, &#8220-HIDE&#8221- appears, and click on it, and you won&#8217-t hear from me anymore.

– I share only the very good stuff on politics (facts + opinions, but coming from multiple horizons, not only from one camp), information technology, business, marketing, finance, prediction markets, etc.

Chris Masse&#8217-s Shared Feed Items at Google Reader

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