In light of the upcoming bursting of the Cantor Exchange, Max Keiser have regrets about creating the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

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Max Keiser:

Joe Weisenthal drinks the Kool-Aide

The CFTC really should be called to account for launching something like this – while the fire is still burning on the various CFTC approved products/contracts responsible for the last two years of economy collapse…

But here’s what I think. Since every media outlet in the world is going to cover this – and everybody who has every ‘dreamed of hollywood’ will be instantly addicted to all news coming out of this . . . the crisis of the last two years will be – like – forgotten (unless you happen to have become homeless or lost your job or house or something).

This is going to be a spectacular bubble and burst and I almost feel bad for having invented it.

HSX-founder Max Keiser on the Cantor Exchange – [VIDEO]

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4 minutes into:

Jason Ruspini tells me that CNBC reports that the CFTC &#8220-lifted its stay&#8221- on the Cantor Exchange application yesterday. CNBC is going to interview Rich Jaycobs, today.

PS: You can play for free at:

Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama – by libertarian Alex Jones

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Our good friend Max Keiser (who appears in both the film and the teaser trailer) tells me that Alex Jones&#8217-s channel on YouTube has had 4,592,178 views. Wow.

YouTube video:

The Obama Deception on DVD

Max Keiser: Je suis un artiste incompris.

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Max Keiser:

[…] What I think PirateMyFilm will bring to the copyright reform party is the idea that films and music can be collectively financed, i.e., crowd financed, with both the artistic creator and the art consumer participating in the revenue streams.

To me, economics, markets and finance are an artistic medium in their own right and, as such, can be modeled, molded, manufactured and modified in artistic ways reflecting self expression as easily as paint, words, clay or plastic.

All of the projects I’ve been involved with for the past 15 years: [Hollywood Stock Exchange], KarmaBanque, GulagWealthFund, PirateMyFilm and my yet-to-be-publish novel, “Buy Love, Sell Fear,” all share this common characteristic of seeing price discovery and market making as a form of self expression and artistic freedom.

4 miscellaneous web links you cant afford to ignore

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Max Keiser and Alec Baldwin lecture little Nigel Eccles (of HubDub) on Italian cheese and the US economy.

Auction system in the NFL. – Via prof Mike Giberson from Texas.

Local newspapers are going down the toilets, and so is democracy.

– It is an L-shaped recession. [*]

[*] Happy Saturday morning, anyway. :-D