Is Apple becoming evil? – Jason Calacanis vs Guy Kawasaki

External Links: Paul Graham&#8217-s criticism of Apple + Phil Schiller Grants Interview About Apple’s App Store, Claims Devs Actually Like Approval Process. + The BusinessWeek interview + iPhone developers are stupid.

The software I use on my MacBook Pro 17″

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If you use some great software packages (utilities or applications) missing in this list, let me know. Thanks. Appreciated.

  • Operating Systems: Linux – Ubuntu – Apple Macintosh OS – Apple iPhone OS – MicroSoft Windows
  • Open-Source Software Packages: Open-Source Software Packages – Open-Source Mac – Open-Source iPhone Software – Open-Source Windows
  • Linux: &#8212-
  • Macintosh: – ClamXav – The Unarchiver – Disk Inventory X – OnyX – Maintenance – Deeper – Desktop Inspector – Service Scrubber – AppCleaner – Burn – QuickSilver – MercuryMover – CyberDuck – iRed Lite – KisMac – Adium – Fink – Fink Commander – NeoOffice – Aquamacs Emacs – Apple iLife – Apple iWork –
  • Windows: – ClamWin – AVG Free – IZArc – Programmer&#8217-s NotePad – IrFanView – ListGarden – Core FTP – WinAMP – Real – Cube Explorer –
  • Cross-Platform: – Java – Skype – Mozilla FireFox – Opera – Chrome – Apple Safari – GreaseMonkey for FireFox – Mozilla ThunderBird – RSS Owl – Adobe PDF Reader –  VLC – Apple QuickTime – Audacity – GIMP – Inkscape – Blender – Open Office – Kompozer – Nvu – R – Vdrift –

UPDATE: Chris Hibbert lists his favorite software packages for Macintosh in the comment area. (I used his tips to update the listing above.)

Internet betting and prediction markets on the Apple iPhone and the Google Android

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I watched the Apple event introducing the iPhone 3.0 &#8212-the new version of the operating system for the smart phone. (The competitor is the Google Android, caressed by the innocent mister Cowgill.)

We have now 2 different ecosystems for people to access betting online:

  1. a personal computer (desktop or laptop) + a connection to the Internet (coupled sometimes with the phone system)-
  2. a personal hand-held computer + a connection to both the phone system and the Internet.
  1. a personal computer is piloted by a mouse (or a trackpad) on a plane surface-
  2. a personal hand-held computer is piloted by the fingers.

More and more, businesses (like Automattic/WordPress) are developing a special entry point on the Web for the iPhone and Android users. BetFair has already developed a sub-website for them. No doubt that the other prediction exchanges will follow course &#8212-since the 2 different ecosystems are here to stay.