Peter Schiff on Max Keisers The Oracle

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With this 6th episode, The Oracle is finally out of beta. The show is now well structured.

It is both informative and entertaining &#8212-and it has rhythm and style.

  • The TV show has 3 parts, as you all know, and each of these 3 parts focuses on one single issue. Excellent.
  • The interview of the main guest (this time, Peter Schiff) is well conducted and long enough so we can capture many insights &#8212-not just snippets.
  • The main guest is now a person of global stature &#8212-as opposed to the French, German and Arab guests (with strong foreign accents) we had to endure in the previous episodes.
  • Stacy Herbert (&#8221-The Queen Of Facts&#8221-) has finally been tamed. It was about time. (Women.) She now focuses on one single issue, introducing the issue of each of the 3 parts of the show.
  • Her &#8220-headlines&#8221- are now usable &#8212-they are now well readable on the TV screen. (She puts black headlines on a white screen, whereas The McLaughlin Group would rather put white headlines on a black screen. Both techniques are usable. It is a question of taste.)
  • She gave us a very good chart in part one. I want her to show one chart in each of the 3 segments of the show. I WANT CHARTS, STACY.
  • I never met Max Keiser in person. He was described to me as a friendly, low-key fella. But as soon as the red light flashes on the camera, he becomes another man &#8212-a funny, sometimes hilarious, financial animal, who immediately becomes the center of the attention. There is that expression in English that sums it up: &#8216-he is stealing the show&#8217-, literally. He expresses his contrarian arguments in a Daffy Duck-like voice, with some kind of exuberant body language rarely seen on TV &#8212-the fella is a spectacle by himself.
  • I hope that The Oracle (the disco machine that beams out the predictions) will be re-introduced in the show. It was a good gimmick.
  • I also hope they will feature prediction market charts, later on. :-D
  • Overall, the show is a very good piece of infotainment. I never quite saw this on TV before. There is the hilarity, but there is also the seriousness of dealing with the global banking, financial and economic crisis &#8212-quite not a laughing matter in the first place. Quite a mix.

Enough blogging.

Now, watch the show. :-D

HubDub CEO on Max Keisers The Oracle (BBC World News)

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Cory Doctorow likes Max Keiser&#8217-s TV show &#8212- I do too.

  1. Although I don&#8217-t agree with them politically, Max Keiser is exceptionally charismatic and funny, and Stacy Herbert is very lively and competent.
  2. Max needs to invite a guest who is as lively and as literate in finance than he is. Otherwise, &#8220-The Oracle&#8221- will remain his show, as opposed to a good show.
  3. The TV format is a winner. Max is on a path to stardom.
  4. Nigel managed to plug his prediction exchange. Good.

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The Oracle, with Max Keiser – BBC World News

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The Oracle (&#8220-a satirical look into the future&#8221-), with Max Keiser, on BBC World News.

I have just watched the first edition of this TV show.

  1. There is no mention of collective intelligence and prediction markets, alas.
  2. The format of the show is very well thought out. It is a winner. There is an intro with videos or charts, some cheap talks with the guests, and then &#8220-The Oracle&#8221- (a semi sphere at the center of the TV studio) beams out wildly and delivers a prediction, which the guests are invited to comment on.
  3. Max Keiser is almost awesome and Stacy Herbert (the co-host) is authoritative enough.
  4. It is infotainment &#8212-think of Max Keiser as the Michael Moore of Wall Street.
  5. It is leftist &#8212-that, you already knew.
  6. It is funny. The segment where Max Keiser impersonates Colin Powell at the United Nations is hilarious &#8212-in the new UN speech, Saddam Hussein is replaced by the bankers, and the WMDs are the financial derivatives. A must see.
  7. The guests for the first edition were Jacques Attali, who is a French fraud (along with Bernard-Henri Levy and Alain Minc) in my view, and a British actress known only to her family and friends. They were not stellar, but good enough.
  8. Next week, Nigel Eccles of HubDub will be a guest, I have been told.
  9. Max Keiser has a future in the televised infotainment industry. :-D

UPDATE: Episode One

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New York Post

I expect TradeSports and BetFair to join this industry, one day.