That blog webmaster doesnt have the first clue about web publishing.

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  • The Top 6 Ways Not To Get Pulled Over
  • How to Handle Getting Pulled Over Without Losing Your Cool
  • Top Five Cop Tricks – How They Get You to Give Up Your Rights
  • Avoiding the Section 1001 Trap – Why You Always Need A Lawyer

Nowhere in those four excellent law articles can you spot the name of the smart author who penned them: STEVE &#8220-Mister Just&#8221- ROMAN.

The BetFair blog (Betting @ BetFair) and the InTrade &#8220-bulletin&#8221- suffer from the same flaw &#8212-and many others, alas.

On Midas Oracle, our blog authors are listed, counted, evaluated, and their damn name do appear in the signature line of their blog posts &#8212-including when the blog posts are viewed within a feed reader (like Google Reader or BlogLines). Plus, on Midas Oracle, copyright is retained by each author. And cross-posting (with a deep link to the original content) is accepted.