You cant have accumulator bets on the weather of neighboring regions…

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&#8230- because &#8220-if it snows in one city, it&#8217-s likely to snow in another city.&#8221- In other words, these weren&#8217-t independent events.

Via Barry Ritholtz (author of Bailout Nation)

WeatherBill C.E.O. David Friedberg hopes to persuade [!?] the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (C.F.T.C.) to change the requirement that currently limits weather derivative traders to accredited investors with a minimum net worth of $1 million.

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Hummmmmmmmm&#8230- Quite a bold ambition. I&#8217-m very surprised by his statement. Is he naive?

Via our chief economist Michael Giberson.

Land-Ocean year-to-date temperatures 0.35 Celsius over baseline

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according to GISS. Assuming the Intrade &#8220-Top 5&#8243- global warming contract expires according to the Land Ocean Index, May – Dec 2008 temperatures will need to average 0.65 Celsius over baseline. The record was set back in 2005, 0.62 Celsius over baseline.

Intrade needs to specify the expiry conditions more precisely.

Still, I&#8217-m remain short the contract:

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