Thomas Malones collective intelligence is an abyssal hodgepodge… a la Prevert. – [LINK]

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

human computation
social computing
wisdom of crowds (e.g., prediction markets)
group memory and problem-solving
deliberative democracy
animal collective behavior
mechanism design
organizational design
public policy design
ethics of collective intelligence (e.g., &#8220-digital sweatshops&#8221-)
computational models of group search and optimization
emergence of intelligence
new technologies for making groups smarter

Meet professor Thomas W. Malone (on the right), from the MITs Center for Collective Intelligence.

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Photo Credit: Neely Steinberg

Tom Malone

MIT&#8217-s Center for Collective Intelligence

PS: The guy on the computer is Jason Carver.

The Industry Standard is powered by Consensus Point.

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I&#8217-m free to talk, now.

The Industry Standard is powered by Consensus Point.

The New York Times don&#8217-t print that, but they print that MIT CCI&#8217-s Thomas Malone (branded in the piece as a prediction market evangelizer) has been advising The Industry Standard.

I spotted dozens of news articles on the Industry Standard&#8217-s re-launching. Their spin doctor did a good job. :-D

By the way, speaking of media-managed prediction exchanges, the CNN prediction exchange has some prediction markets with each a total of transactions in the magnitude of 50,000. That&#8217-s awesome. Congrats to Inkling Markets. Mike Giberson (who has become an expert in MSR trading) is one of the traders, probably&#8230-