Thomas Malones collective intelligence is an abyssal hodgepodge… a la Prevert. – [LINK]

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

human computation
social computing
wisdom of crowds (e.g., prediction markets)
group memory and problem-solving
deliberative democracy
animal collective behavior
mechanism design
organizational design
public policy design
ethics of collective intelligence (e.g., &#8220-digital sweatshops&#8221-)
computational models of group search and optimization
emergence of intelligence
new technologies for making groups smarter

Inkling Marketss Adam Siegel needs salad leaves to relieve tension.

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If you listened to that &#8220-lecture&#8221- at Kellogg, send me an anonymous e-mail to cfm &amp-&amp-AT&amp-&amp- midasoracle **+DOT+** (-com-), and tell me how it went and whether Adam has convinced you of the usefulness of enterprise prediction markets.

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The San Francisco conference on prediction markets

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I previously wrote that that San Francisco vendor conference is not worth the $400 they are asking. However, in all honesty to my readers, I shall notify that they have just made one (small) change that goes in the right direction. World&#8217-s #1 prediction market researcher Robin Hanson is now scheduled to talk about combinatorial prediction markets (a very hot topic these days) &#8212-instead of stuff about how to quantify prediction market value (a too much theoretical issue for business people).

A vendor conference with no editorial line is unlikely to be the receptacle of the truth about enterprise prediction markets. Vendors (4 will be present) do oversell.