Im a big believer in the market, that it is the best way of aggregating information. Due to the law of supply and demand and profit-seeking, it has a better idea of what a price should be than any other way of determining prices.

Brian Shiau (of The Sim Exchange) interviewed by Reuters.

Shiau hired an analyst, Jesse Divnich, to help interpret the exchange&#8217-s data and provide commentary.

Jesse Divnich&#8217-s research reports

I like that. I think it should be made a rule that the person reporting on a set of prediction markets should have an expertise in the topic covered by those prediction markets. Example: the journalist reporting on the US political prediction markets should be a full-day political analyst &#8212-as opposed to a business/economics professor (or else) who spends most of his/her time outside of politics. We would have more insightful reports.

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